Microsoft Office has been truly the best and the most reliable of its kind ever. Microsoft always works hard to bring in new features for the ease of their customers in Microsoft Office.

But somehow it still gets difficult for some people to work on it because human being is not perfect at all. To overcome this issue, there are many other alternatives to Microsoft Office which can be a good alternate to it in its absence.

Here we go…

1- Libre Office


Libre Office is a nice and the free productivity, office suite, which originated from OpenOffice.org. Up till now, Libre Office is being served as one of the best alternatives to the Microsoft office.

Libre Office offers many applications like word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database and a drawing tool too.

In 2010, some employees of Open Office deserted from the company and developed their own new Libre Office application that’s the main reason these both suits look alike in their working and looking structure.


2- Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office is another great and free office suit, which serves to be the best alternative to Microsoft Office.

Its services include word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentation, databases and much more. You can read and save any Microsoft Office documented file using this Open office suite which is another smooth feature of this application.

The word and Excel tool on Open Office are nearly identical to the Microsoft Office word & Excel. The only difference is between the Power Point Applications of both the suits.


3- Google Docs


Google Docs is completely free web based office suite which is developed by Google Team itself. Using this service you can create and edit the documents online. The interesting feature your friends or your coworkers can also use these files online sitting in their own house, but only then, when you allow them.

Another great feature is, you can also edit your Microsoft Office integrated documents too.


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4- Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps allows users to access their documents and files using the browser based extensions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and One Note.

Using this service, you can create and edit your documents in your device being anywhere. Identical to the Google Drive, you can use Office Web App using SkyDrive, which offers up to 7 GB of free data storage.


5- Neo Office

Neo Office is the office suite, which works for free on Mac Operating System. This office suite is a twin of the Open Office suite having almost the same features. It offers the same features as Open Office suit like word, excel, presentation, databases and drawing tools.

Your Verdict!

What is your verdict about these alternatives of Microsoft Office? Of course, these applications can’t compete to Microsoft Office in any sense, but still these are good creations with good features.

I will be waiting for your experienced response with any of these tools above, till then Take Care!


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