Windows 8

Windows 8 is believed to change the traditional Operating System styles because it has originally lost some of its most typical features like Start Menu and Start Button. But the good thing is, it has got some whole new Metro Apps.

Some of the changes in Windows 8 were not really welcomed by its loyal customers so respecting the same customers, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 with restored features and capabilities which were missed in Windows 8 to make their customers and loyal users happy once again.

Well, there are still many features and tips which have not been covered by anyone and are hidden from many users. This is where my role comes in, Yeah ;). So, we will be really talking about some best useful features and functions of Windows 8. The tips could be applied to Windows 8.1 too, since it’s just an update to the previous version.

Tips For Windows 8/8.1

1- Most Helpful Keyboard Shortcut Keys

As we all know Microsoft has changed the lacking old tradition of Operating System by bringing in Windows 8 with brilliant new aesthetic features.

In the meantime, Microsoft has also brought in some new and very helpful shortcut keys which are given below.

WinKey + C = Will Open the Charms Bar
WinKey + F = Search Files
WinKey + W =Search Settings
WinKey + Q = Windows 8 Search Field
WinKey + I = Opens the Settings Menu
WinKey + D = Opens the Devices menu
WinKey + H = Brings the Share Menu

2- Access All Setting In Windows 8 With “God Mode”

Well, settings in Windows 8 are quite complex and priorities to advance that you cannot access the settings for all of the functions under one shade.

So, Microsoft has introduced a new God Mode folder where you can put all your windows settings to make it easier for you.

How To Create God Mode In Windows 8/8.1

It’s pretty easy, just follow the steps as I do.

Open windows explorer and check tick the box Show FileName Extensions and Hidden Items.
Now create a new folder anywhere, there and rename by pasting the following text as its appearing:

You have made it quite successfully! You will get the Control Panel icon now, which will have all the settings present in your Windows 8 including the administrative ones too.

3- Directly Booting To Windows 8.1 Desktop



Windows 8 offers you a metro style desktop where you can access all of your apps in a different style away from that traditional desktop in all of the old Operating Systems.

Well, this new metro style was quite discouraging for many of the loyal OS users so Microsoft made a deal.

Windows 8.1 now offers you to switch between Metro Style & Desktop Style. It’s the choice you have to make depending upon your own desire.

How To Get The Boot To Desktop Option In Windows 8.1

Right click on the empty space of Taskbar and open properties.

A pop up window will open with several tabs.
Now, select the navigation tab and under the start screen tick mark the option showing When I sign in or closing the application on a screen,

Go to desktop instead of Start.
Now, whenever you close any application or sign in, you will be redirected to the desktop rather than the furious Metro UI.

4- Moving The SkyDrive Location

SkyDrive is a cloud storage provided by Microsoft which is deeply integrated into Windows 8. Many people had issues with its location as everyone comes up with their own disk management plan.

So, I had a way to change its location.

Open windows explorer, in navigation menu right click skydrive.
Select properties from menu.
Now, select a location from skydrive window and click the Move button to move the skydrive from its default location to where ever helpful you want.

5- Shutting Down Windows 8/8.1 Real Quick

If you have roamed a bit in Windows 8, you will surely know that you cannot shut it down so quickly as you used to do before with Windows 7 or the other old ones.

Well, I have come up with a solution for this issue too. Follow exactly as I say below.

Create a new shortcut on the desktop. In the text field type shutdown /s /t 10. The ‘t’ denotes to the time delay in seconds, after which your PC will shut down. You can change it according to your own desire. Now, right click on shutdown shortcut and select Pin To Start option to show shut down in the start screen.

6- Running Multiple Applications In Windows 8

Well, this feature does have some limitations, but still it is very much of use and helpful for all of us. You can really run multiple apps simultaneously using this amazing function of Windows 8.

This feature actually splits up the screen for you by which you can simultaneously work on multiple apps easily which saves a lot of time.

Just open the apps and drag them side by side to split up the desktop view. Remember that all the apps are not integrated with this split up function. Play with the apps and discover the right ones.

Last Words

It’s quite a good time I have been writing about this Windows 8 and all of its tips, tricks and hacks. Well, it’s really interesting and tough. Windows 10 is also here, but still Windows 8 is unfinished and there are many things to discover for it yet.

For any queries or problems, just hit up below in comments.


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