The power button is the most used button in any android phones depending upon your daily mobile usage. Sometimes due to heavy usage power button starts decreasing its efficiency. So, there are many ways to minimize its usage.

One of the biggest and most common use of power button is for locking and unlocking the android mobile phone. Sometimes, your Youtube videos stop playing when you turn off your device’s screen, use this guide to play videos even your phone is locked. But I will make it least important for you today because I am bringing 6 other ways to lock your android phone without using the power button.

Let’s begin.

1- Using Floating Soft Keys (Android 2+2)

One of the simplest methods to lock your screen without making use of the power button is adding a locker soft key at your home screen. It will always be available and with one tap your phone will be locked.

2- Letting Gravity Do It For You

There’s an application called Gravity Screen which comes into play when you don’t want to lose your power button or are frustrated using it again and again to lock your screen.

Gravity Screen Android App
Gravity Screen Android App, Google Play Store

Gravity Screen incredibly locks your android mobile phone’s screen whenever you put it upside down. Just put it upside down with its screen facing the downside and it will automatically lock the screen for you. Pick it up when needed and the application will unlock it for you too. Pretty easy, Huh?

3- Swiping Your Screen

Swiping is a common action, we perform many times while using an android mobile phone. So, simply add a swiping gesture to lock your mobile phone that will let you power down the display and lock your device when you swipe it.

4- Firm Shake, Method

Shaking your mobile phone may look embarrassing or you may be hesitating but it will instantly lock down your mobile phone screen. The shake should be on a firmer side.

5- Place It In Your Pocket

Pocket lock is one of the most advanced application for Android mobile phones. Just place your phone in your pocket when it’s free and it will automatically lock down your device. The app will identify the position of your device in your pocket and will lock it.

Pocket Lock Android App
Pocket Lock Android App, Google Play Store

6- Double Tapping Your Screen

It works when you set up a designation area on your screen which on double tapping locks down the screen of your android mobile phone.

It will just be a matter of seconds after your double tapping and your phone will be locked.

Your Turn!

I want to hear from you. Do you think there are some other good methods too which can be used to update this list of locking your android phone without using power button?



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