The majority of the people are not well versed with the benefits of various food items that work as a good appetite suppressant. They just follow the instructions of doctors and take medicines for this purpose. Here is the detail of 7 best diets that can be used as natural appetite suppressants, but for following any or all of them, you need to revamp your eating habits and exclude all of the food items from your diet that can gain you more weight. So, Let’s start with the best diets you should take in the daily routine to avoid gaining more weight.

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1- Nuts


If you want to take a healthy diet, nuts are the best for you. Nuts including almonds, cashew nuts and pistachio nuts, etc. can give you an extra strength for your different tasks and I would like to recommend nuts for women who are very much conscious about their skin and losing weight and who have to perform multitasking. You should make it your habit to take only three meals a day, but in case you are feeling appetite, you should eat walnuts, almonds, pistachio and hazelnuts, etc. to suppress your appetite. It is proven that this is not only good for your health, but also useful in suppressing appetite for a few hours. Nuts give you fiber, Omega-3, vitamin-E that are essential to get a good health.


2- Vegetable Soup


If you are looking for the best diet that works wonders in making you healthy and as a natural appetite suppressant too, vegetable soup will be your first preference. It is quite good for your health if you take vegetable soup before taking your meal. It should not contain high quantity of sodium that is quite harmful for the people who are trying to lose their weight. We just need 200 mg of sodium and in case of using 1 teaspoon of salt a day will add 2300 mg sodium to our body that causes a rapid weight gain. So, you should use low quantity of salt in it.


3- Oatmeal


Oatmeal is always considered the best diet to take as a breakfast because it provides us all of the healthier ingredients we are looking for. It is good for the people who have a bad digestive system or looking for fiber-rich diet. It covers your ribs and you do not feel appetite for about 5 to 6 hours.


4- Apple


One apple a day, keeps the doctor away is a very common proverb to describe its importance. It will cover up your craving for snacks for the whole day. It contains fiber and pectin to make you healthy and give you a balanced blood-sugar system.


5- Avocado


A very delicious diet is waiting for you in the form of avocados. This fiber-rich diet gives you a full stomach for about 6, 7 hours and you do not feel any craving to take the meal. Avocado is the best diet for heart patients.


6- Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are rich with vitamin C and A and they have a kind of starch to make you feel for a longer time that you have a filled stomach.


7- Water

The studies have proved that the people drinking water before taking their meals are at an advantage in losing weight. If you take one glass of water before the meal, you will surely eat less as your stomach will be filled with water. So, this is quite healthy for you to drink water before taking a meal to suppress appetite.

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