how to activate 3g on ufone sim

3G represents the third generation internet speed that means you will get a faster net surfing all the day long. Currently, the people do not like to sit on PCs to surf something as they have their smartphones working like PCs. So, if they need to use 3G internet, they can use it on their smartphones.

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So, the internet on the mobile phone has become necessary for every person having a smartphone. You can do net surfing for your study notes, to look for teaching aid and even for your business. This is what everyone wanted to access, but with a higher speed as 3G provides you.

Ufone, the largest mobile networking company of Pakistan, gives 3G internet service to its customers across the land. First of all, you should make sure about your handset that you have a 3G compatible handset.

You should observe your handset at the top of the Home screen. If you have a 3G compatible handset, you will see “H” or “3G” next to the signals sign on it. It will show that you can use the 3G service on Ufone.

Moreover, if you are still baffled whether you can use 3G in your Ufone SIM or not? You just need to go to your Dial Pad and Enter *3344#. This USSD code will confirm your access to 3G internet.

Steps to Activate 3G on Your Ufone SIM

First, you need to check the packages for 3G internet. For this, you should dial *3# from the dial pad to check the information regarding the availability of internet buckets on a daily and monthly basis.

The most convenient daily bucket for 3G internet surfing is available in 10 rupees where you get 40 MB data volume for 24 hours and the most convenient monthly package for the addicts of social networking sites is “Social Monthly Bucket” where you can use Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp in only 50 rupees for the whole month by dialing *5858#.

The next step is to check whether your handset supports it or not. You should send the model number and the name of your handset to 5544. It should be written like this “Nokia Asha200.”

The third step is to check whether your area supports Ufone 3G or not. It can be checked, simply by dialing *3344# and it will give you the details for the 3G coverage locations.

After confirming all the things, the next step is of course to activate 3G on your Ufone SIM. You just need to dial *7700# to activate it. Once you dial this code, you will get a confirmation message from Ufone that 3G internet has been activated on your SIM.

Note: If for any reason, you want to disconnect the 3G internet service, you can do by dialing *7701#.

So Guys! You can get the relevant package information from the Ufone customer services if you are still perplexed about the package details and activation of 3G. You just need to dial 333 from your smartphone to connect the customer service representative of Ufone.


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