Windows’ system protection often makes it quite a mess for you by increasing the size of system volume information folder to a great extent. So, today we will be talking about how can you reduce the size of system volume information folder easily in a few simple steps.

Steps To Reduce Size Of System Volume Information Folder

To configure the amount of hard drive used search for Advanced in start menu then opt for View advanced system settings. This step also works for Windows 8.

A popup window will open in the advanced tab, switch to the system protection tab now:



You will see a list of drives being used and whether or not the system protection feature is enabled in your Windows OS or not. Select a particular drive where it is enabled and click Configuration button. You can turn off the protection directly which will save most of the disk space, but your computer will be left vulnerable to any type of virus attacks so I won’t suggest you that.

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Use the slider to set a minimum space for your Windows’ System Volume Information Folder which is acceptable and suitable for you. After clicking Ok you must check that your system volume information folder is taking much less space than before.

Remember, Its a hidden folder so you won’t be able to see it until you disable Hide protected operating system files in control panel under folder tab. In fact you still won’t be able to open the contents of the folder and check the space acquired by it but you can check the total space under My Computer which will surely be lesser than before.


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