Occasionally, it becomes too annoying when you receive spam text messages from different people. It may be more annoying when you get disturbed, and thus, the only solution to get rid of spammers is to block their number so that they could not bother you by sending spam messages. If you are using a latest Android phone or tablet with KitKat or the latest version, you do not need to use any third-party app to block text messages, but the people any older version in Android need to follow the instructions below to get rid of such nasty texts.

Call Blocker, SMS Blocker

It is available on Google Play, and you will find it a pocket-friendly app. As the name suggests, it blocks not only the text messages but also the calls from any number. You need to follow these instructions to use this app.

Download it from Google Play.

When you open this app, you will see “Add contact” option at the top of the window. Tap this option to add the contact number that is bothering you.
CallBlocker SmsblockerNow add the number in the box at the top and mark the boxes if you want to use only SMS blocker or also Call blocker with it. If you want to be notified when you receive any message from the said number. When you have done with all these options, you need to tap “Add to Blacklist” finally.
Block smsNow you can see your desired numbers appear in “Blocked List.” If you receive any message from that contact, it will automatically be blocked.
Number blocked


It is a trustworthy app that gives you an absolute relief from unnecessary calls and confusing messages from anonymous numbers. It is also available free at Google Play. Let’s have a look at its operation.

When you download it, you need to add your number. It is necessary for you to provide your correct number because you are going to receive a confirmation call on your cell, provided there. You are not bound to answer the call. It is just a part of verification.
Number verificationNow you have to provide your information. Your First and Last name and email ID. Tap “Continue” at the bottom to go ahead.
Set profileYou are notified that onward you are going to use truemessenger app as your default text messaging app. You should have no objection. Tap “OK”.
Change App notificationNow you will see the inbox messages. In the bottom right corner, you will see the option “Spam.” It should be clicked to go ahead.
Spam optionHere, you will see an icon in “gear” form at the top right corner of the Window. Click on it to view its menu.
Add Contact to spamYou will get three categories where you need to click “Block a Number”.
Block a Number optionIn the category “Block a Number”, you will see two options. If you are sure that the annoying number exists in your Phone’s contacts, you should select “Phone Book”. If you did not save this number there, you should use “Manually” to add it to block list.
Phonebook Manual optionThat’s all. Now you can have a sigh of relief, and there are no more annoying text messages.


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