Looking for some ways to block websites on Android? You are at the right place because a few days back I was also perplexed by the same situation. I was looking for some apps that could help me block undesired websites while I surf internet on my Android. I interacted with a bunch of useful apps in this context. What I got the best among all of them, I am going to share with all of you and now you can also block every unnecessary website without being disturbed.

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ES File Explorer File Manager

It needs no intro as it is considered the best file manager and file explorer app among all of its rival apps. You can download it from Google Play without paying any charges as it is absolutely a pocket-friendly app. Although, it is a little bit tricky to use it, but I am going to discuss all of the necessary steps in sequence. Just follow them to make the things favorable.When you download it from Google Play, it will show you the Layout option where you have to select any suitable layout. Select your preferred layout and tap “OK” to go ahead.
LayoutNow you will see the HomePage with some categories at the bottom. You will see the option “Homepage” at the top left corner of the window. Just tap this option to move further.
HomePage optionNow select “/” option given at the top of the list appears on the screen. By selecting it, you are getting into the system.
Select first OptionNow wait for a while as the system folders and files are fetched. Once, the folders appear on the screen, and you should look for the folder named as “System”. You need to scroll the list downwards to find it. Once you get this folder, select it to proceed.
System folderHere, you need to find out “etc” that can be searched easily as all of the folders and files are ordered alphabetically. The below image shows it perfectly where does it lie?
ETC folderNow scroll down the list of folders and files and search the file named “hosts”. It will appear with a big question mark on it. It should be at the bottom of the window. Once you get it, tap to open.
Hosts fileIt will show you some options under “Open As”. You can adopt different ways to open this file, but you have to open it as a text file. Hence, select “Text” from the list.
Text optionNow another category appears on the screen with “Select” options. You need to select “ES Note Editor” from the list. You need to check the box at the bottom of the screen to set it as your default app.
ES Note editorThe “hosts” file is open in front of you. You need to make changes accordingly. Let’s say! If you want to block a website contains adult content so that nobody could open this site from your phone, you need to write www.abc.com so that it should be blocked. When someone looks for the said site in your Android phone or tablet, it will redirect him to and thus, your cellphone is safe from baffling sites.
Hosts File opened


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