How to Clean Laptop Screen

It is an evident fact that nobody gets a proper cleaning detail while purchasing a laptop and this is what he has to do by himself. If your laptop screen is dirty and full of dust, usually you use fingertips or a tissue paper to wipe the dust from the screen. After doing so, you will notice a dustless and clean surface, but it is not. The dust particles may be present on your screen. Some people use a wet paper towel on the screen, and your screen gets scratched because paper towels are not very soft for the screen as they are made of wooden fibers.

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Hence, the users of laptop are always in perplexing situations, how to clean laptop screen without damaging it. This is the reason; they do not clean its screen at home, and they get the services of hardware professionals. Here are a few pocket-friendly ways to clean laptop screen at home. You will find them very convenient and cheap. So, try one of them. Here they are.

1- White Vinegar


You can use one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of water to make a cleaning solution. Now, take a piece of cotton cloth. Cotton cloth is always very soft and solution absorbent. It will absorb the solution well. Apply this wet cloth on the screen. (Make sure that the water drops are not dripping from the cloth. It should be only 25% wet). You should use it without making the screen wet because wetness can damage your screen. Just wipe the screen with a cotton cloth by starting from a corner. Move from one corner to the other corner while moving cloth softly on the screen. Now wait for a few minutes and see the results. A neat and clean laptop screen is in front of you.

2- Salt and Water Solution


You can also make a cleaning solution by adding one teaspoon of salt in one cup of water. It is the best cleaning solution for your laptop screen. Take two pieces of microfiber cloth. Dip one of them into the solution. Wring the cloth properly so that no water drops are dripping from it. Now clean all of the corners of the screen first as the dust particles are usually in the corners. Then, gradually move towards the remaining parts of the screen. Now use the other piece of microfiber cloth that is quite dry. Wipe the screen with it softly and you will see a shiny, neat and clean screen of your laptop. There will be no more particles of dust on it.

3- Isopropyl Alcohol


If you have easy access to any superstore, you can buy Isopropyl Alcohol that is used for cleaning purposes. You just need to use it with Distilled water. If distilled water is not easily available, use filtered water. Take two pieces of terry towel or microfiber cloth. Distilled or filtered water is preferred to tap water because tap water consists of various minerals and the presence of these minerals can cause spots and patches on your screen.

Put three tablespoons of Isopropyl alcohol in the same quantity of filtered water. Mix it and dip the terry towel into it, then wring it well. Now clean the screen of your laptop with it. Move the cloth softly on the screen so that all the dust particles vanish from it.


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