The knees-ups on the eve of the New Year own very special meaning in Europe. The lively Europeans love to paint the town red, and as compared to the rest of the world, it is more fun to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe than a barrel of monkeys. A great eve, when you ring out the old year and ring in the new at a very special place in Europe. Here, you will find the best destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe. We have discussed so far the top five places for you.

Best Destinations in Europe

Berlin (Germany)


If you want to be in full swing on the eve of New Year, be present in Berlin for the celebration. The sight of an amazing firework would surely feast your eyes on, and for the whole night, you would be footloose and fancy-free. This occasion gives you a lot a pleasure and you chill out every moment spent here. Book your ticket for Berlin and be there for a great eve of the New Year. The locals of Berlin use to decorate their balconies and the houses to give outsiders the best sight of the year. In the parks, you would enjoy delicious the BBQ parties thrown by others.

Paris (France)


If you really want to blow away the cobwebs, you should select Paris to celebrate the eve of the New Year. So, have a whale of a time and enjoy this eve in its full swing. The best place where you will find the main party is the Champs Elysee. You would also love to see the brightness and elegance of Eiffel Tower on this great event.

London (England)


Despite the chilled and rainy weather of London, the New Year’s event is celebrated with a fabulous firework on the bank of the River Thames. The cheerful locals love to display a very charming firework for the tourists’ amazement. Indeed the best place for this eve as the public transport service is absolutely free for everyone on this eve for the whole night.

Barcelona (Spain)


Live the life of Riley for at least one night on the great eve of the New Year. You would find it a wonderful beginning of new year. Be a happy-go-lucky guy to enjoy these precious moments of your life. Before the firework starts at midnight, you should hold a place near the beach to enjoy the best fireworks sight when the whole sky is bright, and a wondrous light can be seen everywhere.

Brussels (Belgian)


How interesting to know that the crazy Belgians are well aware how to celebrate this great eve. Brussels is a place where you have a ball all the time. You would surely have the time of your life with a lot of parties, three kisses tradition that is followed by everyone. The Grote Market gives you the real picture of Brussels where you would love to buy the chocolates and beer. This is the place where the biggest social gathering is held to farewell the previous year and to greet the new year. Have a splendid time by visiting Brussels on this very special occasion.


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