If music is the food of the soul, how can you avoid it? It sounds very true when you need a break from hectic office work or while working out or while taking your meal. Well! There may be a handful of handy apps you already have on your Android device. But I also have some great options for you. I, personally have tried all of them and found them quite helpful to get free music for Android users. Let’s have a bird’s eye view to see what kind of apps I brought for you. One thing is similar in all of the below-mentioned apps that all of them are absolutely pocket-friendly.

Note: If you want to transfer music from Android to iPhone, do check our guide to do that.

Free Music Downloads & Player

When you download this app, you will see its Home Page where you can find different categories on the top of the page. If you want to play the songs exist on your Android device by using this app, you can select “Songs” category to show all of the songs. You may choose “Search” if you want to get your desired song from the web.

As you type the words from your favorite song in the search bar, a list of songs containing the same words will appear on the screen. This is for what you were looking.
Search barTap the song to pick from the list and play by using the “Play” button that is given at the front of the song. If you want to download it to listen while offline, you can tap the “Download” icon next to “Play” icon before the song.
Download Song in Free Music download

Sound Cloud – Music & Audio

A great app that allows you to download and listen to your favorite music online.
Download it from Google Play.

You will see “Search” icon at the top of the list next to “Home” icon. Tap this icon to open search bar. Now you can type a few words from your favorite song in the search bar. If you are not looking for a particular song, and you just want to enhance the circle of your search, you can select any tag to view the list of relevant songs.
SoundCloud dashboardOnce you have typed the song and hit “Search”. There will appear the list of your desired songs. You can select the right one from the list.
Search Results Soundcloud

Swift – Free Downloader

Swift – Free Downloader, as the name suggests, is a nifty third-party app that enables you to listen to your favorite MP3 songs. If you want to use it, just download it from Google Play and follow the instructions below.

When you download it, you will see its Home Page.
swiftIt shows a Search bar at the top of the page. You can search your desired song by typing its few words.
Search Bar in swiftThe image below shows you how you can search any singer if you can’t remember the exact words of the song.
Search Song in swiftYou see! How quickly Swift shows you the results of the search. Now you can find out your desired song from the list appearing on the screen.
Songs List in swiftWhen you tap the download icon in front of the song, it will show you a confirmation message as shown in the image below.
Download song


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