Time is quite valued for us and it becomes more valued, when you are far from your loved ones. You do not know for how many moments or seconds you remained far from them and for how many seconds you missed them a lot. The smallest unit of time is second and the minute is a smaller unit basically.

When you are asked you how many minutes in a year, you are taken aback and mute for a second and think what to answer because it needs to learn a little bit of mathematics if you want to answer for this question.

Instead, if someone asks you how many seconds are there in a year, it is quite easy to answer. You should abruptly reply, there are 12 seconds in one year. The first second comes on 2nd January, then the second one is 2nd February, the third one is 2nd March and the list goes up to 2nd December.

Thus, there are 12 seconds always. That was just the matter of IQ level and there needs no mathematics. But to tell the actual number of minutes in one year, we need to know some basic multiplications. Let’s see how to provide the accurate answer in this context.

To figure out the exact answer, we need to apply the accurate units.

Let’s start now converting a year into different units. From a Minute to Year, there are different units that are applied such as Months, days, hours and minutes.

Here, months can be defective unit because if you multiply 12 months to 30 days, the answer will be quite different from 12 x 31. As you know there are some months comprising 30 days and some comprise 31 days. So, skip the defective unit from others.

Now you have accurate units of the year. i.e. total days in an average year. You should not consider it a leap year. It should be believed as an average year so that there will be no confusion about the actual number of days.

Now the units of a year you are having include Days in a year (365), Hours in a day (24), Minutes in one hour (60).

Now grasp your calculator to perform the basic multiplications. Multiply 365 x 24 x 60 to get the actual number of minutes.

It will be 525600. So, the actual number of minutes in a year are 525600. Sounds interesting and quite simple because we did not use the units of any specific year and that’s the reason the process seems to be quite simple.

If you specify the year as anomalistic year, lunar year, Gaussian, tropical and Julian year, etc. The answer will be a little bit different. The only difference in the above mentioned years is that one consists of 10 extra minutes and the other consists of 12 extra minutes. But the most commonly used year is Gregorian year and we consider it having 525600 minutes as a Gregorian year consists of 365.242199 days. That should be round off and it will become 365 days. This is how the total number of days is derived from a year.

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