Looking for a modern type of business card? Add QR code to your business card to make it modern and quite compelling. Sometimes it is quite impressive when you scan the business card of your client and it adds the important details in your phone. Isn’t it what you want to get? Yes! That’s why we are here to guide you for adding QR code to the business card.

A QR code is basically very similar to the bar-codes, but it contains more data rather than a bar code. Bar code contains only the price of the item and the item number, but it cannot even tell you the contact info of your client, his website, but also will guide you about the direction of his company office.


How to add QR code

  • There are some good quality online tools that can be used to generate and to add QR code to your business card. Qrickit’s Vcard Generator is one of them. Just open the site.
  • When you visit the site you just need to click on Create a QR Code option. A form will appear on your screen. Fill up this form by adding your full name, organization name, address, contact details.



  • You can also format your QR code by adding the details such as, QR code image size, QR Code color, background color, etc.



  • Once you have done with the formatting, you should click “QReate” button at the bottom of the form.
  • It will show you the QR code you have generated. Now you just need to Download it.
  • Now, you have saved your QR Code to your system.


Drop this QR code file into the business card of your company and that’s all you needed. It works wonders and you will surely leave a very good impression on your business clients by having a QR code in your business card. So guys! It is quite simple to add QR code to your business card. If you want to use this QR code file for the promotion of your business, you can do it in a very easy way. You need to link your QR code with the social networking sites. It will be quite easy for others to access you and your company.



  • You should not keep large amounts of your whereabouts in QR code because it will make it heavier and it becomes very difficult to scan it if it contains a lot of information. Specifically, if it is shrunk and converted into the size of a business card.
  • When you are going to design your card, you should keep it in a bigger size to make it easier for printing code.
  • Last, but not the least about QR code is that you should leave one side of your business card as a traditional business card and print your business details and contact info on that side while the other side should contain the QR Codes so that if any of your clients is not able to scan the card, he may contact you without being bothered.


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