Concealer, as the name suggests plays a vital role in covering up the pimples, acne and scars on your face. You can brighten up your dull face quite easily with the help of concealer. Here you will learn how to use concealer on pimples, but we should give you some information about concealer first.


Generally, concealer is available in the market in various colors and forms. You can get it in foundation form, liquid or pencil form. Make sure you are selecting a concealer that is not hard to apply and even not very thin if it is in liquid form because it is not a good quality concealer and cannot hide your pimples properly. You should check it by applying to the back of your palm. If it is hard to rub, it should not be your choice. When you are selecting the color, make it sure that you are selecting a little lighter color in concealer than the tone of your skin. If you want to select a concealer for pimples, you should select a pencil concealer because it has pointed edge and it is quite convenient for you to apply on pimples.

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How to Apply it

  • You should prepare your face for concealer. Wash it and put any moisturizing cream or lotion on it softly. The very first thing you will apply on your face before starting makeup is concealer pencil.

How to Apply Concealer

  • Apply some concealer on the pimples on your face and start patting them softly moving your hand in circular motion. If you are using a concealer brush, you have to move it straight up and down as you are blending it with the skin tone. You should not rub or press it hardly because the pimple will leave a mark on your skin.


  • If the pimples are many in numbers, apply concealer individually on them. Do not use a thick layer of concealer on them because it will make them prominent instead of hiding them out.


  • The next step you are going to take is to use your foundation. Spread it on your face and then balance it by using a brush or finger tips. The foundation is basically to make the face ready for makeup and when you have done with it, you should observe the pimples where you had applied concealer are not visible anymore.


  • Translucent powder should be the used after balancing the foundation. You should apply it with the help of a makeup brush. Translucent powder will help your foundation last longer for the whole day. You have to put a little extra translucent powder on the areas where you have pimples because it will give these areas a natural look and you will not see any kind of concealer patches on the skin if you are going for outing in day time. Blend all the areas properly with the help of brush and use it softly on the skin.


Now you will see there is no pimple visible on your face and you can easily apply other makeup items on the face according to your requirement.

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