Trying to have thicker eyelashes? Mascara plays a vital role in it and it gives you a dazzling look, but the majority of girls does not know how to apply mascara to thicken the eyelashes and what type of mascara should be selected to give a natural look to the eyes.

Mascara is available in many colors in the market, and you should select a color according to your dress color. Generally, when you are asked to make a choice between brown and black colored mascara, you should select brown color if you have long and thick eyelashes because it gives a dazzling and natural look to long and thick lashes and you should select black color in mascara if you have thin eyelashes because it would make them thick and popping. Select a light brown mascara if you are going to use it in daily routine.

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What Type of Mascara Should Be Selected?

Before applying mascara, you should check what is your requirement? Whether you want to curl, enhance or volumize your eyelashes? There are two kinds of mascara available in the market, including waterproof and non-resistant to water. Waterproof mascara is the best choice because it lasts longer and it does not give your eyes a horrible look when there is perspiration due to hot weather. The girls with damaged or small eyelashes should select a mascara with Panthenol and Phyto-Keratin to make their eyelashes grow. If you want to use mascara on thick eyelashes, you should select a mascara with straight long brush that should have widely spaced bristles.


How to Apply!

  • Use curler before applying mascara on your eyelashes. Start from the outer edge of your eye by putting eyelashes into the curler and squeezing for about 10 seconds. Now put eyelashes from the front side into the curler and repeat the same step.
  • Select your mascara and shake it well forth and back before opening it.
  • Open the tube and take the brush out of the tube. If there is excessive mascara on the brush, wipe it off by by keeping on the tissue paper and gently press it.
  • Lift one eye lashes and look up while seeing yourself in the mirror. Apply the brush on your lashes and move from the roots to upward in a straight motion. Repeat it thrice to give a glamorous look to your lashes. Come from the outer edge of your lashes towards the inner edge. If you are going to blink, you should continue softly and slowly.
  • The second coat should not be straight, but zig-zag to add volume and to make your lashes longer.
  • If you want to mix two different colors to give a striking touch to your eyes, you should apply darker colored mascara first in straight motion and then apply the lighter colored mascara in zig-zag motion.

Precaution: Some women use mascara only on the middle part of their lashes and consequently, their eyes’ shape becomes narrower. So, while using mascara on your eyelashes, you should be careful and apply on all three sides of the lashes likely on middle, inner and outer edges.


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