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What if your Android device falls somewhere while you are on the walk towards home?


What will be your reaction if your child throws your Android cell outside of the car while you are driving?

Just imagine! All of the contacts, text messages, your precious photos and videos, great memories shared on WhatsApp and other social platforms are lost. No way to get them back. Be foreseer for this kind of disastrous situations. You should backup your Android phone or tablet to PC so that if accidentally, something wrong happens to your Android device, at least you could retrieve your data.

If you are convinced why to waste time? Just start the process to backup your Android data to PC to prevent such disastrous situations. In this context, I was lucky enough as I had already taken safety measures and had backed up my Android to the computer. Anyhow to cut a long story short, let’s see what you need to do to backup data in your computer.

Note: Also, make sure first that your computer is free from dns unlocker adware.


It is indeed a paid tool, but you can use its trial version initially. Click to download this tool that enables you to store all of your Android data in PC. When it is done, you need to close all of the running apps at the PC to continue using MobileTrans tool.
Now open the Home Page of the application that will show you some images and options. You need to look for “Backup Your Phone” option. That can be seen in the below screenshot. Click this option.
Back Up Your Phone optionIn the next window, there will appear an instruction to connect your Android device to PC via USB. You need to follow the instruction.
Backup processAs you connect Android with PC, it will start processing, and it will show you a message that your Android device needs an authorization so, check your device. You should follow the instructions.
Authorization notification on PCThis kind of message will appear on your Android phone.
Verification Message on Android deviceThe window appearing on your PC will show you that MobileTrans is trying to connect your device to PC. Have patience for a while as it can take a couple of minutes.
Connecting phone to PCOnce it shows you the notice “Connected,” you will see the next window shows the number of contacts in Android, total text messages, the total number of photos and other data. You need to select the data you want to backup in PC. Check your desired boxes to proceed further and click “Start Transfer” option as shown in the image below.
Device connectedIt will start backing up your data. You will see the updates regarding all of your folders side-by-side.
Transferring dataIt will also show you if it fails to backup any file.
Now you will see the window that will confirm that you have successfully back up your data. You need to click “Open Folder” to check the destination where your backup lies.
Transfer CompleteOnce you click the said option, there will appear the folder where you can see your entire backup exists.
Data backup in PCThat’s how you can backup all of your Android data within a few minutes. If you want to restore the backup, you need to follow the same process with “Restore Backup” option at Home Page.



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