Facebook’s Online game apps’ notifications are really too much annoying and it’s weird when they pop up when you are already not in a good mood. But I have something to make sure your mood changes.

Yeah, you can now get rid of all these crappy Facebook games’ requests, especially the Candy Crush Saga, that’s the most common and annoying one. Suppose that you’re doing some serious discussion on a Skype call with your colleagues and your screen is shared with them and suddenly in your Facebook account they see that candy crush request’s notification, you can image how much you’ll feel embarrassed.

So, we’ll learn to block these requests on Facebook in just three easy steps. It’s quite simple and easy so you just need to follow me the same as I do. For the real haters of these requests, here is a news that Facebook’s developers are working to clamp down these requests.

Even if you’re not a gaming geek, it still irritates you when your friends send you different kinds of requests through different types of games on Facebook. Most of the time your friends are even not aware that the app they are running on their account is annoying someone so badly.

One of the biggest mode of irritation on Facebook these days is without any doubt Candy Crush Saga, there are others too, but this one is the most common these days.

There are two ways to deal with this annoying Facebook app. Either you can entirely block this application from your Facebook account or if you notice any one particular person annoying you with this app, you can block that person and the tension will be resolved.

Without any ado let’s start the guide:

It wasn’t planned but though it came in my mind so I will elaborate for you because there’s not a surety in every case that you are just being annoyed by a single Facebook application.

Method 1 [Block the game]

1: Open your Facebook account and go to the homepage by clicking “Home” button available on the top right.

2: Now from the left menu click on “Games” option, it is available under “Apps” tab.

3: From “App Center” choose the option of “Requests” and it is also available on the bottom left of your Facebook account.

4: On this page you can see your all-time games’ requests, just find candy crush saga’s request and click on the [X] button on the right side of the request’s box.

5: Now another box will pop up and will ask you to “Block Candy Crush Saga?”, click on it and click on “Confirm” and close this window. You’re done.

Method 2 [Block the request sender]

  • To block someone creepy who always keeps annoying you by playing irritating games on Facebook, there is an easy method for it.
  • Just open your Facebook account.
  • Go to Settings >> Blocking and look for Blocks invite from. There enter the name of the person you want to block from sending you irritating app requests ever again.

Easy, Huh?


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