Skype is usually used for personal and official video calls widely around the World. The users from all over the world can talk without interruption on Skype very easily. Thus, Skype has become a big source of connecting people together, whether officially or personally. Some people still use Skype to send and receive messages free of cost. They do a message chat with their loved ones and keep in touch with them always.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people does not know its functions and tools. They even do not know how to use it to send official files and sharing photos and videos. If anytime they want to delete the chat history in Skype, they are helpless to know how to delete it because they are not well versed with Skype tools. Here, you will know how to delete entire chat history in Skype. Make sure your internet connection is working well before going ahead. So, let’s start the procedure step by step.

When you open Skype, there are a few Tabs on the top of the window. You have to click “Tools” to view its menu. Its drop down list will show a few categories where you need to select “Options” to go ahead.


Now the settings page will appear in front of you. Here, you will see a few tabs in the left pane of your window where you should click “Privacy” tab to open its content.

Options in Tools

Privacy tab basically contains the stuff like, to whom you would like to allow to call you and who cannot make a call or with whom you would like to share your video screen, etc. Here, another security option can be seen for which we are looking for. This is “Clear History”. It has been shown very clearly in the image below and after viewing the image, you can easily access it. Click this option.

Clear History

Once, you click it, there pops up another window on your screen to confirm whether you want to delete entire chat history from all of your contacts for sure? If you want to move ahead, just click “Delete”.

Delete History

Keep it in your mind that deleting the entire chat history will not only remove your chat with other people but also deletes the photos and videos you shared with others. Even if you have sent voice messages or files to someone, all of this kind of stuff will also be deleted.

So, be careful while selecting “Delete History” option.

After following this process, you will find no more traces of your chat history in the window.


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