Remote Desktop works in the same way as Teamviewer does, but the Remote Desktop feature is a part of Windows and you do not need to download it specifically. It is not active by default. If you want to use it, you have to enable it. This feature of Windows is very useful if you need remote assistance and there is no technician available on your site to help you in sorting out the problems with any of your apps. For example, suddenly, you are stuck while working on a document and you do not know how to insert your graphs and images after re-sizing them.

You do not know how to tackle with this problem. You can just ask your friend who is sitting hundreds of miles away from you in another city to access your computer remotely to assist you with this problem. He will access your system and your document to make changes in it according to your preferences.

To enable this useful feature in Windows and later versions you should follow a few steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow

Click the “Start” button on Taskbar to open the Start menu. On the right column of apps and programs, you will see “Control Panel”. Just click on it in order to view its content. (You can also access control panel by using the “Windows Explorer” icon on Taskbar)

Control Panel in Start Menu


Once, the content of “Control Panel” is shown, you will see a few categories. The first category is “System and Security” and you have to hit this category to go ahead.

System and Security Option-2


Now you will see the menu of System and Security where you should look for the category “System” and then its sub-category “Allow Remote Access”. Once you get it, just click to move further as it has been shown in the image below.

System Folder-3


Another window will pop up on your screen that is about the System Properties. Here, in the last tab “Remote”, you will see an option with checkbox “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”. You have to check the box of this option to enable your computer for remote access. Once you have done so, just click “Apply” and “OK” to apply the settings to your system.

Remote Access

Now click the tab “Advanced” to view its content. Check the box “Allow the computer to be controlled remotely”. Set a time limit until you want your computer to be accessed. Click “Ok” to save the settings.


So guys! Now you have enabled your “Remote Desktop” successfully. You can ask for any kind of remote help if you face any difficulty.

Note: It is only for the users of Windows 7 and XP. The users of Windows 8 and later versions will find it a little bit different from Windows 7. The beginning of the process is quite similar, but at the last step when you enter “System Properties”, you will find an option “Select Users” below the option “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”. In this dialogue box, you need to specify users whom you want to allow remote access of your computer.


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