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Looking for a shortcut to receive Gmail notifications on Twitter? Surely, you are at the right place. It is quite easy to receive Gmail notifications on Twitter because twitter supports the text notifications unlike Gmail. There is a very simple, but a little bit lengthy way to set the things out to receive your Gmail notifications via Twitter. You just need to set up a way between both of them to do so. So, let’s start setting it up.

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Go to your Twitter account first. Here, you will find the icon as shown in the image. Click on it in order to see its content.

Settings icon1AAA

You will find an option for “Settings” menu that should be selected in order to move ahead.

Settings Option2AAA

Now you will be in “Settings” menu, where you need to look for the category “Security and Privacy,” that can be found next to Account as seen below. It contains all of the stuff and settings for privacy and security matters of your account.

Security and PrivacyAAA

Here, in Privacy category, you will find an option “Tweet Privacy” that should be checked for if you go ahead without enabling it and set up SMS notifications for Gmail via Twitter, it will show your emails publicly and that seems disturbing if you also receiving personal emails. So, enable it for making your Tweet private.


Now, click Here to copy documents from Google. It will show its magic and you will see how it functions to set your Gmail notifications up on Twitter. What you will see is shown in the image below. You need to click “Make a Copy” option that is shown.

Google Copy DocumentsAAA

You will enter into Copy of Gmail to Twitter document where you need to wait for a few seconds to let it set properly.  Now a category “Gmail to Twitter” appears on your document as you can see in the image in circle. Click this option.

Copy of Gmail to Twitter6AAA

Once, you click the category “Gmail to Twitter,” it will show you two options. You need to select “Authorize Twitter.”

Authorize Twitter7AAA

A window will appear in front of you that is about Google permission for fetching emails from Gmail to Twitter to show notifications. You will find an option “Allow” at the bottom of the window that should be clicked in order to go ahead.

Request for Permission Google8BBBBB

Now, in the next window, you will see the option “Authorize App” that should be clicked. The page content shows how this app sends you a notification on Twitter about emails in Gmail account. Mind that it will not fetch the previously read and opened emails rather it will fetch only the emails, your Gmail account receives now.

Authorize App9AAA

A message will appear before you that confirms the authorization of your Gmail account with Twitter. Close the dialogue box and return to the Google Sheet to move ahead.


Once again return to the category “Gmail to Twitter.” Once you click on it, the content will show an option “Start.” Click on this option.

Search Query11AAA

A dialogue box appears in front of you where you need to enter the following command, “important is:unread in: inbox newer_than:1d” this command will show you the notifications about emails in your Gmail inbox that are received within 24 hours. Click “OK” to finish the process.


Now, you will start getting notifications about emails in Gmail account via Twitter. Isn’t it simple? Follow it.

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