Do you feel like you’re sick? Your nose is running, and you’ve been sneezing one too many times? You have a sore throat, and you’re coughing too. Yes, these are the signs that you’ve caught a cold.

Yeah, we know you have a lot of work piled up in the office, and the cold has wriggled up your way just overnight, though you were feeling just not well as you came home yesterday evening. What now?

Girl With Bad Cold

Well, it would take a few days to go away. Just try to save yourself from falling into further illness by following these prevention methods. Or in case you’ve caught a severe cold, we have some tips to help you ease your illness a bit. They might also help you get back to your programming routine sooner.

Read on!

Have Some Chicken Soup:

Chicken soup in a bowl

Yea, the same chicken soup our grandma made for us in childhood. From those fairy tales we heard sipping it up in cold winter nights to the stories we hear that it’s healthy for the soul, down to a whole science; it works so well. White meat or chicken is considered to gear up the levels of immunity that’s much needed when we fall sick. It contains the necessary vitamins and protein that are vital to your healing as well. Chicken releases great antioxidant names as “Cysteine” while it’s cooked. It’s similar in nature to the medicine called acetylcysteine that doctors prescribe in cases of bronchitis. Sipping up the soup would relax you and give you the energy to fight with the cold. It’s a sick day staple, for sure!

Take Some Medicine:

There’s always a medicine for every illness. You can get some over-the-counter medication to get relief from the cold. Try having lozenges to get rid of a sore throat to soothe the scratchy throat. You can take some aspirin if you have a headache. Take a doctor’s advice for the right medicine and follow the prescribed dosage. Mild cold would go away in 2-3 days with the medication.

Get A Hot Shower:

Water shower in washroom

Getting a bit steamy can help relieve any sort of aching in the muscles. It also helps regulate the body temperature and make you feel warm and moist. Your nose congestion might also get smoothened for a while, and your dry throat might also get a bit lubricated.

Hydrate Yourself:

Remember, getting yourself hydrated would always help get rid of the toxins flowing inside your body with infection. It would help thinning the congestion. You must take fluids other than water as well to keep your passages lubricated.

Try some tea or coffee or any other hot liquid as well to get relief from the nasal congestion. Garlic tea is also a must try remedy! It gives a calming effect instantly.

Shut The Eyes For Some Hours:

No, you’re not wasting time as you sleep; you’re actually giving rest to your system to recover early. While sleeping your body releases cytokines that are meant to combat infection. If you skip sleeping, it weakens your immune system making you more prone to fall sick. So get adequate sleep every night to function properly and become less likely to fall sick.

If you feel trouble while sleeping with a cold, just slide in an extra pillow under your head. It would raise your head and help you breathe easier. Just take frequent naps throughout the day and consistently at night to heal soon. Take an off from the office too, since you need some fuel back to get up and go again!

Make rest your top priority!

Do Gargle With Salt Water:

Kid doing Gargles

Take a cup of lukewarm water and pour a quarter teaspoon salt in it. Stir well until it gets dissolved. Now gargles slowly for a few times. It would loosen the mucus inside your nasal cavity soothe your scratchy throat.

Blow Your Nose The Right Way:

You blow your nose frequently when you have a cold and flu. But blowing too hard can actually give you earaches as the pressure builds up from blowing explosively. Just hold your nose with one finger on its side and blow from the other. Don’t forget to wash off your hands immediately to keep away the virus from spreading.

Drip In Some Honey:

A spoon full of honey

Honey is the best remedy to cure a cold. Just take some warm water in a cup and add two to three table spoons of honey into it. Stir well and sip it up. This would soothe your throat and help you get rid of a cough too. It would also help in thinning the mucus. Regularly consuming the honey one way or another would help reduce the symptoms of a cold as well as keep it from coming your way again.

Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is considered to have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that fight against infections and prevent colds. Have cinnamon tea and feel relaxed for a few hours while you suffer from cold.

You can also make a honey and cinnamon tea for effective results.


  1. Just take 0.5 to 3 teaspoons of cinnamon bark and put it inside boiling water
  2. Now stain off the tea into a cup.
  3. Add two teaspoons of honey into it and mix it well.
  4. Just have the tea before you to bed so you can have relaxed sleep time and stay away from a cough and cold.

Try Some Garlic:


Garlic has antibiotic, anti bacterial and antiviral properties that make it the best remedy for infections. Despite that, it could give you bad breaths for hours. It would help with decongestion for sure. And you can always have breath mints afterward. Toast garlic and take one clove every few hours. You can also coat it with honey if you’re unable to eat it directly.



While having a cold, you might feel discomfort and sinus pressure building up inside your nose. Try using the pressure points to get rid of congestion and relieve the sinus pressure. Triggering the right pressure points, you can release the congestion and clear away the passages by relieving the pressure. Look up some guide online to find out the right pressure points to relieve sinus pressure. Acupressure is meant to help get rid of a number of ailments, and it would ward off the cold too.

Despite the fact that all the above methods serve a great deal in warding off the dreaded cold to a nice degree. The best way sometimes is to take it easy and cooperate with your body throughout the entire healing process. Your body would do most of the anti-cold work itself. Though there’s nothing wrong with trying up all the safe remedies.


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