Also known as love bites or bug bites and vampire kisses. Hickeys are the most frequent incidence these days and are not something to be taken too seriously. It can happen to anybody while getting intimate or making love to their partner. It’s usually not too painful or dangerous but can lead to embarrassment at work or at your college.

Some people find it as a symbol of deep feelings or a sign of love. Some call it a badge of honor. It’s absolutely okay to get passionate with your partner while making love and showing him the warmth and depth of your feelings. But the concept varies from person to person, as some people want to hide it as it reveals their secret love life and also makes things worse in professional settings. You might have to face some giggles and stares coming around your way—be prepared!

What Exactly A Hickey Is?

Man Biting A Woman on the cheek

A hickey is a bruise caused by sucking hard on the soft skin, mainly on the neck, inside of the arms, chest or any other soft part of the skin. The veins or tiny blood vessels under the skin get ruptured due to the pressure produced as a result of aggressively sucking on the skin. The blood leaks out of the vessels and shows as a bruise on the outer side.

Its color is red initially and then turns purple or dark brown after a while as it starts healing. Hickeys can occur to both men and women, but it’s more often reported by women as their skin is usually more delicate and thin compared to the men.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

The next question that pops up in your mind is. How long will this mark take to go away leaving your skin clear? Well, if you don’t treat it, it would still go away on its own. Your body does the job for you, as it reabsorbs the blood that has seeped as a result of vein rupture and this allows the hickey to heal.

During this natural healing process, you’ll see the color of the Hickey turning purple to brown in a day or two and then finally yellowish green when it’s on the last stage of healing.

It usually takes 5-10 days for a hickey to fade away and leave your skin clear and clean again. Although, it depends on the level of damage the tissue has undergone because of suction. It may take longer if you do not have a good health. It’s basically about how fast your body recovers from the bruise.

Take a chill! Usually, it doesn’t take a lot of days!

How To Get Rid Of It Quicker?

While the best way to make a hickey go away is to leave it alone, sometimes you have an emergency, and the bruises could actually cause an image betrayal at your office or college presentations or anywhere else you have to rush to. In that case, we have some tips that could save you. Read on!

Cold Compress:

Cold Compress

This method is more useful when you have a fresh bruise which ha redness and swelling. Giving your skin a cold compress would minimize the blood out of the capillaries and would reduce the swelling on the skin. But you need to be careful and treat your skin gently.

Just take some two to three cubes of ice and roll them up into a towel. Now slightly press them onto the affected area and do this for a few minutes. The cold ice would reduce the swelling on your skin, letting it feel calm for a while. Repeat this for the whole day to recover fast.

You can also use a cold spoon for treating such Hickey. Just store a spoon in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and take it out. Now, gently stroke it on the Hickey to let the swelling get reduced and the bruise to fade away. Repeat this a few times throughout the day. You may also wrap up the spoon in a cloth if it feels so shocking otherwise.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera Plant In A Cup

The wand of the heaven – Aloe Vera is considered significant for treating scars and bruises. It soothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory qualities in it. It would boost up the process of healing inside the broken blood vessels and reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

Take some pure Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera herbal cream and massage it on the hickey gently. Let it sit on your skin for 10-20 minutes and then wipe off with a wet cloth. Use it twice a day to enable speedy healing.

Cover It Up With Makeup:

Woman with Makeup

Yes, the same makeup that hides all your blemishes and skin imperfections can hide this bruise to if applied correctly. Just use a green tinted concealer for this purpose. Green tinted concealers are meant to neutralize redness on the skin (Use it if your hickey looks red or dark pinkish). Just apply the concealer onto the hickey and let it sit for 5 minutes. Now apply a foundation that is one tone lighter than your skin on the area. Merge the foundation well onto the whole area to avoid letting demarcation of the skin being visible. Set it up with a loose powder or whatever face powder you use to finish it.

You can use a yellow base concealer if the hickey looks purplish or has a shade of blue showing up.

Banana Peels:


The inside skin of the banana peel is an effective remedy to help shrinking hickeys. It may sound absurd, but it helps! Just peel out a banana and place the inside of its peel onto the hickey. Leave it to their or 15-20 minutes, and it would soothe the surface of your skin. Repeat this twice or thrice a day to recover fast.


Peppermints in a Pot

Peppermints are meant to improve blood circulation and can be used as an effective remedy for treating hickeys. A peppermint based toothpaste or peppermint essential oil can come handy. Just massage some peppermint essential oil onto the affected area gently and let it seep into the skin. It would give you a tingling sensation at first, but as you massage it all over, you’ll feel a calming effect. It may help reduce the size and severity of the hickey. Remember you don’t have to use peppermint cooking oil but the essential oil. Don’t forget to do a skin patch test first, and you must always use diluted essential oils.

Scarves, Turtlenecks, and Sleeves:


Clothes are always a good idea to effortlessly hide those unsightly hickeys on your neck, chest or arms. However, you must wear clothes that are suitable for the season as it could make you feel uneasy. If you wear sweaters in summers, it will insist people ponder upon the reason you’re doing so. Remember, you don’t have to gain attention – that’s your goal!

Wearing scarves and turtlenecks can do you a favor in concealing those marks. It works for men too as they cannot put heavy make up on and they don’t have long hair usually that could hide away any marks on their neck.


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