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There are a few greatly effective web resources to link to a particular part of a webpage. is one of them. Sometimes, while surfing the internet, there is a chunk from a website that is quite impressive or very important for you. You want to share that piece of knowledge with your friends. You can do so by adopting two ways.

One is a very simple way. Just copy the link of the URL and paste in the email to send it to your friend. Specify him a few words from the chunk and he will read whatever you want him to read. This is totally the waste of time because he does not know exactly what to read and he has to waste a lot of his precious time in searching the lines; you want him to read.

The very simple way is to highlight the piece of the text, and he will read it there. Now, the question arises how to do it? Is there any way that can be followed to highlight a specific chunk of the text to save you from irritation.

Of course, a very easy way to highlight a specific part of the text on any online resource is available, and you can share your desired part of the text within a couple of minutes with any of your friends. An online resource known as can be used for this purpose. This online resource gives you free service.

The function of is quite simple, and even a layman can use it easily. Sounds interesting. Let’s try this wonderful online highlighter. The complete step-by-step guide is here for you with some images so that if you can’t understand by reading a text, the images could explain the steps.

So, here it is for you.

Link to a Specific Part of a Web Page

Click here to open Citebite that is an online highlighter.

What you need to do is to go to the website of where you want to link the text. Select and copy the text from there.

Select Text from Source WebsiteAAA

Here, you will see two fields where you have to paste the text. Don’t be perplexed. Just copy the chunk from your desired website and paste in the field named as “Quote.”

Now, copy the URL of the website from where you copied the chunk of the text as shown in the image below.

Select URL of Text2AAA

Paste in the second field named as “Source URL.” Click on the option “Make Citebite” below two fields.


The above image shows all of the three steps you need to take.

Once, you click “Make Citebite” option at the bottom; it will start highlighting the process, and within a few moments, you will see the link to this text appears as the image shows.


Finally, you got the link to the text and what you have to do now is to check whether it works properly or not. Click on the link to see what does it show to you. Voila! It shows you the highlighted specific part of a text from; you wanted to share with your friends.

Link shared5AAA

It shows that you have done your desired job. Now you can copy the link and send it to your friends.


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