Are you afraid of wearing fitted clothes because of increased weight? Looking for some very effective tips to lose weight rapidly by using some simple tips and by adopting simple eating habits? Here is what you are looking for. Just read the following tips and reduce weight in 10 days at home. You do not  need to go to the gym or to any slimming center to get astonishing results, but first of all you should make an estimation about how much weight you want to reduce and how many pounds or kilograms. For this you should weigh yourself and make a note in your diary with the date.


Here Are Some Great Tips to Lose Weight at Home!

1- Use of Green Tea

Green tea has been wondering effects if you drink it with the empty stomach as it helps your body in cleansing toxins and also it will get you rid of constipation problem. It’s a low calorie drink and this is why it is considered a lot better than the Tea or Coffee. So, make your habit to drink it at morning regularly.



2- A Lot of Water

Water is one of the best purifiers for human body and this is the reason the people use a lot of water to remove toxins from their body. Normally an average intake of water for a person is 3 liters, but you are using it for weight reduction purpose, so you should take at least 4 to 5 liters a day. It will give you amazing result within 10 days if you are regularly drinking a lot of water.



3- Use of Honey and Lemon

Lemon should be an essential part of your diet not only during 10 day diet plan, but also afterwards. It will work wonders if you add a tablespoon of Honey in the juice of one lemon. Add them into hot water and drink it to give your skin a glowing effect and to remove toxins from the body to make you fit and slim.



4- Use Blue Color Excessively

It is an admitted fact that colors affect human nature and psychology and in the same way blue color suppresses diet. So, you can use plates of a blue color to take your meals and even the table cloth, flowers and blue dresses should be used excessively.



5- Change Eating Habits

This is the most important step you should take and it needs your most attention. You should change your eating habits. Avoid eating too much rice, salt and sugar as these three things can cause production of high quantity of insulin. Avoid eating between the meals or taking midnight meals as these meals are additional and cause adding more fats to your body. You should include Salads of green vegetables and fruits (except of banana that is rich in calories) in your diet. You can eat Papaya, Orange, Peach watermelon or the green vegetables like carrot, radish, lettuce, broccoli or cucumber, etc. Avoid eating carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes and yams. Take fruit in salad form instead of taking it in the form of juices because juice does not stay in your body for a longer time, but the salads make your stomach filled for at least 5 to 6 hours. Avoid red meat and even at dinners you should select white meat, including fish and chicken.




Exercise can also be very effective if you follow all of the above mentioned tips along with it. You should warm up your body for at least 15 minutes by a swift walk in jogging style at your place. Now you should do sit ups for about 15 minutes. If you enjoy rope-skipping, you can also use it for 10 minutes to lose your weight rapidly. It works wonders and gives wonderful results.




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