Making airplane is a very interesting skill that almost every child knows, but what about your airplane if it does not go far in the air and after a few flights it is unable to fly. Surely, it should be a perfect airplane to fly steadily for a longer time, but the little minds of children cannot understand the reason that why the paper plane does not stay longer in the air. Let’s try to make a paper airplane at home that stays in the air for a longer time and it flies quite steadily.

Required Material

1- An A4 sized paper in any color
2- A scotch tape


1- Put the paper straight in front of you on a balanced surface.

2- Hold the right edge of the paper and bring it downwards until it is equal to the left edge and the form of a slope towards right corner can be seen..

3- Now open the folding of the paper, but a clear crease should be on the paper.

4- The same action should be followed again, but this time, start folding from right edge towards the left side so that the slope can be seen towards left.

5- After that, just unfold it too and now there will be two creases on the paper making an “X” that should be visible.

6- Now be careful while doing the next step as it is the most complicated one for those, who are making airplane for the very first time. Start folding the right corner downwards in the way that its corner touches the left point of X.

7- Start folding the left edge in the same way and its corner should touch the right point of X.
Make another folding from the center of the plane to make a deep crease that will be used as a guide later. Unfold once you made a crease.

8- Bring down the top edge at the center of your plane and joint with the bottom to make the plane two halves horizontally.

9- Start folding the right corner of the paper towards the vertical crease that makes the page into two halves.

10- Repeat it again with the left corner of the paper and bring it towards the vertical crease at the center of the page. Now a little bit shape of your airplane will be visible and you can understand that you are going towards the finishing end. So, put some tape inside these folding so that it may not open.

11- You will see that at the center of the page that is a sharp edge of folded paper in front of you. Just fold it upward.

12- Now give the final touch to your paper airplane by folding its right and left edges again towards the center crease and bring the sharp edge downward that was folded upward in the previous step. It will cover the right and left folding of paper and these folding will not bother you.

13- Fold from the center and then, fold its right and left sides to make its wings.
Once you have made the wings of the plane, you just need to put some tape inside the upper folding to hold the other folding tightly.

14- Now your special paper plane is ready to fly. Go to your roof or to the window and test its flight.


Don’t worry Pals!! Here I attached A video for you too in order to better understand this guide! Cheers 🙂

Video Copyrights to YouTube Channel: BeforeAndAfterTV

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