Some people love to be crafty and they like to develop their skills by learning new things in their lives. You can also be crafty by learning a new skill that brings you appreciation not only from the elders, but also from the kids and younger ones. This is the skill of making a paper boat within a couple of minutes. It can be very amusing to your kids to play with paper boat that costs nothing to you. So let’s start the process of making a paper boat.


Step 1: Take an origami or colored printer paper that should be at least in A4 size. It should not be colored necessarily. If you want to make a boat with white paper, just take it. Fold the paper in two halves i.e. in “hot dog” style very neatly.

Step 2: Now, put the open sides of the paper downwards and fold it to make two dogs ears on equal level at the bottom, i.e. fold the paper’s top corners towards down, but leave a space of 1 to 2 inches beneath. Make creases, very nicely, to adjust its edges. When you have done with it, you will see both of the folded sides will represent two triangles. Make sure you are very attentive in folding the paper and there is neatness in your work. If there is any extra crease in the paper, it will give a shabby look to your boat.

Step 3:  Now you need to fold the spare paper at the bottom to upwards, but outside. It should not be folded inside. Once you have done your job, turn it over to work on its backside where once again you have to follow the similar step i.e. to fold the spare paper of backside to upwards. If you observe its shape now, it will look like a paper hat or a big triangle.

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Step 4: Hold its corners in your hands and open the lower side to convert this triangle into a rectangle shape. This is what you need to do more carefully.

Step 5: Now repeat step number 3 once again. Again, fold the lower corners of the rectangle to upwards from front and back side to form a triangle. Please note that this time the triangle will be smaller in size.

Step 6: Again, you need to open its lower side and change its shape from triangle to a rectangle.

Step 7: This is the last step you need to take in order to have a nice paper boat. You should try to pull out/open the square’s both sides in opposite directions. It needs more skill to pull its sides over gently so that the opening of the square may not disturb the bottom that is without creases. Open it to the half and then make a crease at the bottom to make the sides of a paper boat. Now open the remaining closed edges strongly.

Oh great! Your superb paper boat is ready to travel on the surface of water. You should take some water in a big bowl and put your boat on its surface.

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