While thinking about Night Vision Goggles surely create a clear image in the mind that it should be a device to enable you to see in the poor light. It is an amazing, but equally very useful device for human beings as they have a low level of vision in the darkness as compared to various other animal species.

Thermal Goggles were basically made for army use, but with the passage of time, it became popular among civilians and now you can purchase them easily from the market.

Buying Thermal Goggles from the market would be pricey for you. What if you are always anxious to own Night Vision Goggles. There is none other option except making your own thermal goggles at home. Furthermore, it will give a rise to your abilities for creating things by yourself.

Below-mentioned methods will show you how easily thermal goggles can be made at home. The first method needs more attention and more labor, but of course, it is cheap too and the second one is very short and the cheaper one. So, let’s start with the first method.

Method 1

Required Stuff

The required things for building your dreamed goggles are as under.

  • Glasses (can be selected cheaper one)
  • 4 to 6 Theatrical Sheets (Should be in Blue and Red colors only)
  • Glue
  • 4 to 5 Infrared LEDs
  • A Switch to control your goggles
  • Coin cells.


Combine 2 blue and 1 red sheets and put the eyepieces on them very carefully. Hold the piece of glasses tightly and trace the shape of eyepieces one followed by the other. When you are done with it, just cut in the shape. You must be having 6 shapes traced and cut including four of the blue theatrical sheets and two of red sheets.

Note: If you are  not able to get red and blue colored theatrical sheets from the market, you should get simple white colored sheets and color them accordingly in red and blue with good-quality red and blue markers.

Now just put some glue around three shapes of eyepieces (one in red and two in blue) and put them all on one lens. Stick them carefully according to the shape.

Put some glue on LED infrared clusters and connect them to the switch and coin cells. You’re done.

Method 2

Required Stuff

  • 3D Goggles
  • Glue
  • LED cluster
  • Battery and switch


You need to superimpose the red and blue colored films of your 3D goggles in such a way that it should contain one red film on one eyepiece and one blue film on the other eyepiece.

Now apply some glue in LED cluster and place it on the top of your goggles.

Connect that one with the battery and switch.

That’s all you need to do and now you just need to try it out.

Now your cheap night vision goggles are ready to use. You just need to have a trial to make sure it’s working well.

Note: If you have selected an average type of Glasses, you need theatrical sheets, but in case of selecting 3D glasses, you do not need to use theatrical sheets in making night vision goggles.


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