Colorful and stylish loom bands are available in large variety and various designs to give a new look to your wrist. It adds more charm to your personality and if you are wearing a very unique kind of loom band, all of your friends and other people will notice you admirably. They would like to pass appreciation compliments to you for it. Some loom-bands are very stylish, but costly too, and this is the reason we are here to make you skillful in loom bands making art. Yes! We will guide you step by step to make your own loom bands at home without spending much money and with a little effort of course. So, let’s start the procedure.

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Required Material

  • Threads of various colors (red, green, blue, orange, black, yellow, silver, brown and pink color)
  • Beads of different colors
  • Pearls of various colors
  • Tiny plastic rings
  • Clips



  • Take one bundle of 10 threads each in red, green and yellow colors about 10 inches long to make the braids as you make in your hair. Make a simple braid by adding 3 beads of different colors after every step. You can make it more stylish by adding some pearls of your choice. Once, you have completed its all steps, it will be a colorful braid, but you should perform it very carefully to give a neat look to it.
  • Now take another bundle of 10 threads each in blue, orange and yellow colors of the same length as the previously used for making braid. Make another braid by adding various colors of plastic rings in tiny sizes. (These rings should be in round shape because if you take in square or triangle shapes, their edges may irritate your skin. So, be careful while selecting the shape of rings as we are making very comfortable loom bands).


  • You have made two braids so far. Now take the remaining threads of silver, brown and pink colors to make the third and the last braid. Add some sparkling pearls in it on every step.


  • Take all three braids and make a knot by joining every braid’s one end. It is very simple knot as you tie up the laces of your shoes. In the same way you will make them join to make another braid that will be a bigger and thicker one. Actually, this braid will make your loom band. Slowly and neatly make braid by moving your hands so that there will be the same texture and harmony of colors. You will see every color is prominent in this braid and the beads, pearls and even the tiny rings are also making a very beautiful sequence. The arrangement of colors will give it very stylish look.


  • When you have done your job, you just need to add tiny clips on both of its sides. These clips are very easy to attach. Take one edge of the loom band and insert into the clip and stitch its end to make it fastened tightly. Now add clip to the other end of the loom band in the same way.


Your colorful and stylish loom band is ready and you see! It did not take much of your time. Wear it with every dress because it is multicolored band and will suit every dress.




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