Well, it may seem wild like a way to listen to YouTube videos in the background mate? But yes, it is possible now and you won’t have to mess up all your android cell’s root access and directories because what I am going to introduce now is pretty simple and you won’t even have to uninstall the default YouTube app in your cell phone.

Just follow the steps below:

1- Install Audio Pocket

Install AudioPocket from Play Store

To start-up, head straight to the Google Play Store and search for AudioPocket, then install it, or download it from here. This amazing and interesting app is yet in its alpha stages, stage of development but it is supposed to work well on almost all of the android devices without any issues.

2- Share Any Video From YouTube App

Audio Pocket works as a disguise share intent application. What? Was it difficult to understand? Oops, I will make it simple for you.

Actually, Audio Pockets works as a spy which means you won’t even have to open or run the application to use it. In fact while using your cell phone’s built-in YouTube application when you will share any video, it will give you an instant option to listen to YouTube videos in the background.

Isn’t it amazing? 😉

So, just open up any video using your mobile’s YouTube application. Look for the Share option near the top of the screen and choose AudioPocket from the following menu.

Share Youtube videos on various platformsWithin a few seconds, you will hear the audio being played in the background from the same video you were watching in YouTube application. Meanwhile, you can also handle the audio being played from your mobile’s notification bar.

Playback will continue while you move on to any app and it will keep on working even if your mobile’s screen is turned off.

Signing Out

What do you think, will AudioPocket be successful in its aim of audio streaking the mighty YouTube? I will be waiting for your delegate responses over this.


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