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If you are facing any kind of lag issues while playing games online despite of the fact that you have a fast internet connection with an up to date modern Personal Computer than its because your ping is too high.

So, we will be talking about how to reduce ping rate to improve online gaming.

Ping basically is the latency of your connection. For newcomers I would like to go in a bit deep with this Ping thing.

What Is Ping?

Many people think that just a fast and reliable internet connection is a heaven for someone because they will be able to get fast and rapid downloads and uploads but there is a lot more than that.

There is something called Ping which is actually a reaction time. If you have a ping of around 100 ms (Millisecond), it’s actually the time your computer takes to respond to another computer online.

So, it’s obvious that everyone wants a fast ping time. Almost all of the online games show your ping time along with the ping time of others players as well. If your ping is around 1000 ms or more you will surely have problems playing games online.

Ping doesn’t only affect games but a large ping time is hell when time is crucial. That is why a low Ping is everything when you are gaming online specially when a little movement of your players means a lot.

How To Measure Your Ping Speed


You can test the latency of your internet connection by visiting, most famous website in world for this regards. Anything below 20ms is considered great while anything above 150ms is considered to the real problem behind lagging in online gaming.

How To Reduce Ping

There is not a magical way to reduce your ping but there are possible careful measures taking which you can ensure a reasonable decrease in pings.

  • One of the most common solution is to close all other programs, windows, applications and downloads running in the background while gaming online because it surely decreases your ping rate.
  • Another reason can be someone running live streaming or video gaming online on mobile devices using your internet wifi connections, so you need to get rid of that too.
  • If you still get a higher rate for ping try moving your laptop closer to your internet router or try connecting it through a LAN network.
  • If all of the steps above don’t work you seriously need to call your Internet Service Provider because they are the only one left who can check up deep into the problem and come up with a good solution. Or another can be to change your Internet Connection and improving to a good speed connection because good speed provides good ping rate without any doubts.

Do Let me know about your responses after applying all these above options to reduce the ping of internet to boost your online gaming. till then thanks  & take care! 😀


  1. Nowadays this is one of the most common problem the gamers community have thank you for providing us this useful information about ping!

  2. My sis literally always watches Netflix and my ping sucks so bad it makes my life suck thanks for this amazing guide.


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