Linux operating systems are being widely used in the current era from basic to advanced users, software engineers, and multinational software companies. Unlike from the past when it was only used in super computers and some famous companies.

The most interesting thing is now you can use Linux without installing it in your personal computer. Installing Linux in your PC has always been a problem, but it’s solved now.

You can now use Linux easily through bootable disk which can be a DVD or a pen drive, whatever you like.

So, let’s start:

How To Mount Linux From USB Drive?

Minimum Requirements

Steps To Run Linux OS From USB

I will be using Lili Live USB Creator as a live bootable application in this method. Download this application and install it in your PC. It’s free to use and doesn’t have much size.

You will notice that the application we have downloaded is very much user-friendly and shows you all steps to run Linux OS from Pen drive, but I will still explain everything till the end.

Follow the below steps as I say:

1: Insert your USB drive in your PC and choose USN from the application using “Choose Your Key” option.

Remember: This application only works with Fat32 system so if your USB is running on NTFS, just format and set it to Fat32.

2: You have to select your Linux Distro in this step. There will be three options to choose in Live USB Creator application that we are using:

  • You can choose already downloaded Linux distro file. Once you select this option, the application will check the files and will notify you with a verification message.
  • You can use Linux CD. Insert the Linux CD and choose the same.
  • You can download Linux distro on the spot using the download option. You can set the distro update to manual or automatic as per your requirements.

3: In this step you have to briefly describe the computer about how much space should be left free for Linux and its files in the future to work in. The persistence allows you to keep your data and files even after a reboot. If you don’t have any idea about how much space you should set for free to persistence data, set it between 300 Mbs to 500 Mbs. If you are a regular user or working in a field with heavy usage of Linux set it more than 1 GB.

4: You are provided three options in this step. The “Hide Created Files” option will hide all options in pen drive. “Format” option will erase all your data in pen drive. “Enable Launching Linux Live In Windows” will run the Linux OS in windows without installation (Our main purpose).

5: Finally, click on the lighting icon to create. Now the application will start verifying all steps and will start extracting ISO files in your pen drive and will create a bootable Live USB Linux Disk.

Run Linux on Pen Drive
step-by-step picture guide to run Linux on Windows via pen drive [Click on image to see in full]
Now, you can simply boot the Linux using USB disk option when your computer starts. If you use persistence mode, changes you make now will also be available when you reboot. You are ready to use it as portable OS with files and settings.

Linux has been a very important part of the Online World, especially the software developments. Tell me about your experience with this portable Linux OS.


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