Windows does not show all of the files and folders for security purpose because some users do not know the function of these files and folders and they may delete unknowingly any of them. The hidden stuff in Windows basically consists of system files and folders and they are of no use for an average user, but sometimes an expert user wants to view the hidden files and folders in Windows. So, here are two different methods, by following which you can view them easily.

Guides to Show Hidden Files in Windows

Method # 1

Close all of the open windows and applications and click the “Windows Explorer” icon you can see on the Taskbar next to the “Start” button.

Show hidden folder-1

A window will pop up in front of you where you will see an option “Organize” on the very left side at the top of the window. Click this option to view its content.


Once you click it, there will appear a drop down menu where you have to select the option “Folder and search option”. It has been shown below in the image very clearly.

Folder and search option

Now another window “Folder Options” appears in front of you. There are basically three tabs on the top of the window. You should select “View” tab that is next to “General”.

Folder Options View tab

This is what you were looking for. Here, you will see an option that is unchecked “Show hidden files, folders and drives” under the category of “hidden files and folders. You should just check it and click “Apply” and “OK” at the bottom of this window.

Show hidden files, folders and drives

Now you can view all of the hidden files and folders of this window.

Method # 2

This method is very simple and you can follow it by using the control panel. Click “Start” button to see its content. Here, you will see an option “Control Panel”. Click this option.

Start menu

Once you are in the menu of the control panel, you will see some categories. Look for “Appearance” category that lies on the right column. Select this category to show its menu.


In its content, there are two different options under the category “Folder Options”. You should select the second one that is “Show hidden files and folders”.

Folder Options

It leads to another window “Folder Options” that shows three tabs. Click “View” tab to see its content and Look! Your desired option appears here. Check the radio button “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”. Once you have done this, click “Apply” to apply the new setting and “OK” to come out of this window.

Show hidden files, folders, and drives 2

That’s all. Now you can view the hidden system files and folders.

Note: This is for the users of Windows 7 and XP, but the users of Windows 8 and the later can also use this method to show hidden files and folders by accessing their Control Panels because the next steps are quite same in all Windows. Only the method to access control panel is a little bit different in Windows 7 and the latter versions of Windows. So, try it out once by yourself and then you would be able to see all system folders and files that were hidden earlier.


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