Can’t you remember the saved WiFi password on your Android device? It is quite a depressing condition when you try to remember the saved password and the effort goes futile. It is very helpless situation as you have saved not only one, but various passwords to different WiFi networks such as the home, office, college and one or two friends’ WiFi. The major problem is that when you save a WiFi password on your Android tablet or phone, you are unable to view it after saving. Whatever you see after saving it is *********. So, it is not possible for you to have a hint of your saved forgotten password. You cannot retrieve the saved password if ever you forget it. So, if you have a bad short-term memory, you should save your password in your personal diary so that if ever you forget the password, you can easily get it back by using your diary.

Here, you will find a very short and catchy way to show saved WiFi passwords on your Android device. Although it is a very short way, but you require a rooted Android for this purpose. Without rooting, you would not be able to try your luck in this context. Anyhow, this is what you can do to get back saved password. You need to download a software known as “WiFi Key Recovery” that is absolutely a freeware and you can download it from the internet as it is easily available.

Show Saved WiFi Password in Android

Although there are various apps on Play Store, you can use for this purpose, but a large number of these apps don’t work properly and thus, there is no use of applying these fake apps because it is totally a wastage of your precious time. So, visit the Play Store and look for an app that has been mentioned above and download it in your Android device. You should not be in conflict while downloading it, whether it will work or not because I have personally tested it and believe me, it really works wonders.

Once you download this freeware and run to your Android tablet or phone, it will show all of the saved passwords in your device with the names of the WiFi networks. Now you can note down your shown password so that you may not forget it again.

So guys! This is what we could tell you about showing the saved password of any WiFi network at your Android device, but there must be some other possibilities for this purpose. If there is any other way of viewing saved WiFi password in Android tablet or phone and you know it, feel free to share it with us in the comment box so that other readers may get information about it.


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