Had a rough day and ended up spending the whole night at a bar? Or is drinking just another way you let it all out? Or worse you are a habitual drinker?

Whether you went out with friends’ and got super drunk or whatever the reason was, who are we to judge you? Everyone has their share of deeds. All we care about is getting all of you sober up for the next day! You do not want to go to work drunk, now do you? In this article, we have got you covered!

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Water, of course!

One of the things everyone will tell you to sober up is to drink lots of water. It is always suggested that drink water with your meal. This will reduce the effect of alcohol, and it will also avert a hangover later.

That’s right; kill two birds with one stone. Another rule of drinking is that you must never drink on an empty stomach. But if someone does drink on an empty stomach, the only way to sober up is to eat as soon as possible.

Take Food:

Order takeout, make a snack or grab some fast food. You can eat anything you want; the main part is having food in your system as it helps in reducing the effects of alcohol.


Exercising can always help. I know that’s not something anyone wants to do after drinking, but it is an excellent method to sober up quickly. There are many options like going for a run, doing at least twenty jumping jacks, twenty crunches or going for a jog.

This will help your body metabolize the alcohol sugars much faster than it normally would.


Try Yoga for sure. Why? Because Yoga helps in getting rid of toxins in your body. Workout gets your blood pumping, decreases shakiness and helps you feel more attentive.

Coffee Is The Answer For Everything

Drinking coffee can do wonders too. Drink a cup coffee or any drink you prefer that has caffeine in it. Caffeine speeds up your metabolism and gives you an energy blow, assisting you to feel more vigilant.

Natural Remedies:

Many people try home or natural remedies as well to sober up quickly like drinking one glass of water which has one whole lemon juice in it. You can drink this drink several times a day.

Add two tablespoon of sea salt (no iodine one) in two liters of warm water and drink it throughout the day. Grapefruits’ juice can be a life saver. Drink two cups of pink grapefruit juice and say goodbye to the bad odor that alcohol creates.

The antioxidants in grapefruit nullify the stink of liquor being secreted from your breath and pores.

Coconut water is a great technique to rehydrate and restock your electrolytes. Activated carbon or charcoal capsules, which can be easily found in different drug stores, absorb the alcohol that is left in the abdominal, helping speed the recovery process.

Try Vomiting:

Another way to quickly sober up is by throwing up the alcohol from your stomach. This thing not only reduces the effect of alcohol but also helps you to waste all the material out. This is not the best thing as it can make you feel down.

It will reduce the effect of alcohol on you temporary. If you can’t force yourself in vomiting, then try to use your index finger and put it into your mouth while touching the deeper throat by doing this you will be able to vomit everything out.

Take A Cold Shower:

Washing your face or taking a bath using cold water can help too. How so you ask?

A shower makes you more attentive and alert, and it also reduces any redness in your cheeks. Washing your face can calm your red eyes. So it is the best way to sober up quickly by taking a cold shower as fast as possible. A cold shower can help you to awake by lowering the effects of alcohol on you.

These ways are the best ways to sober up quickly. Do apply all the above-given ways one by one because these are the best possible ways that you should be using after getting drunk.

Also keep in mind that If you don’t have enough time to sober up naturally, then you should not be drinking much and try to lower it time after time because drinking more can make your nervous system and the entire body system sick and can cause to death.



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