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Looking for ways to transfer your photos from Android device to Windows PC? You are at right place as you can find here a few very easy and handy methods in this context. Before starting my guide, let me explain that why you should transfer photos to PC. Everyone has access to Smartphone and want to capture his precious moments. I am sure you are also one of them and capture a lot of shots.

It can fill the storage memory of your Smartphone very soon, and that can be surely problematic. So, it is better for you to transfer your photos from Smartphone to PC few and far between to avoid the shortage of memory storage problem. Let’s start now the guide.

Transfer Photos From Android to PC

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best option for you to save your photos by using your Smartphone as it allows you to save files and images up to 15 GB. It is a part of your Gmail account.
Google drive downloadJust open it from your phone and upload photos in it. Later, you can download all of them in PC.
Google drive


Google Photos

Google Photos is an app that can be used in the same way as you use Google Drive. You can save all of the pictures currently exist in your Android phone gallery and then you can retrieve all of the images from your Windows PC by opening Google Photos on it.
Google Photos



Bluetooth is a very simple way to transfer your photos to PC. If you want to move your images via Bluetooth. Go to “Settings” on your Android device and look for “Bluetooth” option. When you find it, tap to enable it.
BluetoothNow select photos you want to share. You just need a couple of minutes to complete this process. It requires no internet connection or no wire.


USB Cable

Another prompt way in this regard is to use USB Cable. You need to plug in Android phone with your PC by using USB Cable. If it shows a phone sign in the notification area at Taskbar, it means your device is connected.
USB cableNow open its folders and find all of your pictures you want to move to PC. Probably your pictures will exist in “DCIM” and “Pictures” folders. Just click these folders and select the photos to move to a secure location in PC. It is the easiest way that can be performed by even a layman.
Select Photos to transfer


There is still another way you can use to move photos to PC. Email is a very secure transferring way in this context. Just go to your email account on Android phone. Attach photos to the email and send it to your email ID. Within a few seconds, you will see a notification for receiving the email containing your photos.



Photo Transfer App

This third-party app enables you to transfer your photos existing in Android phone to Windows PC. Just download it from Google Play for free. When it opens, you will see “Send” and “Receive” options. Click “Send”.
Photo Transfer appOn the next page, you have to select “Windows PC” from the given options. Select your favorite photos and start the moving process.
Bear one thing in your mind that you need to install this app in Android phone and PC as well.


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