Google being the World’s largest known online search engine gathers a lot of user data, cache and user information on daily basis. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have a habit of keeping that user data personal, secure and private.

Few months back, Google was really pushed down by its loyal users and customers for sharing their private and sensitive information with cyber authorities and agencies.

Google is not good at taking care of your personal data, but you should. So, we will be talking about how can you use Google’s new privacy and security tools to keep yourself away from leaking your information to the agencies.

Google’s Privacy Checkup Tool offers you four general steps in which you walk through various privacy controls within your Google account. Privacy checkup begins with the Google+ social profile information that you share with the public there. To get started, click on “See How Your Profile Appears To The Public” at the top of the page and see if anything is wrong there.

You can then select the profile tabs and choose whether you want to share your YouTube, Google+ profile and other reviews with your friends followers or not.

After clicking Done at the end of the page and then moving on to the second step, you can choose whether or which phone numbers of yours, you want to be viewed publicly on your profile. You can also click on “Edit Your Phone Numbers” to add or remove any of your phone numbers. Then click on Done to proceed to step 3.

This step should be settled according to your own choices, this step shows you the information and data Google stores while you are using any of its services, but this data only remains in between you and Google.

Google has also launched a separate website that addresses the privacy issues in a question/answer format.

Google’s Security Checkup Tool’s Usage Guide

This step is subdivided into four more steps which include account recovery information, connected devices, permissions and Gmail settings.

You can check out your recovery information and add any new numbers or email address or remove any previous ones simply by clicking Edit or Remove options to the right of respective contact.

After proceeding to the second step, you see a list of all of the devices that are connected to your Google account. If you click down arrow to the right of each device, it will show you the location from where that device was used to access your account last time. When everything is the way you desire, click Looks Good button.

The third of this security checkup shows you all the apps and websites that are connected to your Google account. If you don’t use or trust any of them click Remove on the right to disconnected that particular website or application from your Google account.

Google security checkup’s final step lets you view your Gmail settings. Click on Gmail settings tab to access all of its settings. When you are good, click Done and you are done BOOM!!

All of this privacy and security checkup tools are Google’s latest efforts to let you protect your sensitive information from everyone and Google is determined to keep introducing even more improvements in these efforts.



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