Dreaming to be an Android programmer? It can become a reality with a little effort now. You require determination, firm resolution and a few good online resources where you could take daily lessons. Let’s have a look what are available resources for you to learn Android programming.

Best Websites to Learn Programming

Developers Android
Android developersThe official website for Android developers to begin their daily lesson on Android development. Even a layman without programming experience can take daily lessons free of cost to know in-depth API guides, learning tutorials and basic Android development tools. You can build your own Android apps by using it.

App inventorFantastic site that enables you to create Android apps by watching video tutorials. You can access this pocket-friendly service with your Google account. It takes you maximum one hour to look at the video tutorial and to understand the concepts behind Android apps. Later, you can proceed towards the complicated functionality of building apps based on your own creative ideas. Personally, I prefer Appinventor because it becomes an easier task for you to learn by watching a video tutorial. Because a layman like me can create an Android app within one hour even without having in-depth knowledge about coding.


TutorialspointIt will be injustice with TutorialsPoint if I do not include it in the list while discussing the best resources to learn Android programming. You can learn about Android apps development and its fundamental concepts free of cost on this website. Once you have finished a tutorial, you could practice to evaluate your skill and learning stage by using models.


udemyAn online marketplace for all of the people interested in learning or teaching Android programming. If you are highly skilled in Android development, and you want to show the world by using your talent, you can come here. Similarly, if you want to learn to create Android apps, Udemy is for you. That’s the reason when you open the site; you will notice both of the paid and free apps are available here. This website contains fundamental concepts for the beginners only. So, there is no use of this site for moderate learners.

Android App Course

Android App courseBeing an average learner, don’t be perplexed as I have another exquisite online resource for you. This website enables you to learn more and more about Android programming until you are a skillful programmer. You need to learn Java before you take this university course. You learn about creating projects, installation of the tools used in programming and launching an app on Android phone or tablet.

Java Code Geeks
Java Code geeksAlthough, the name of the website suggests that it’s about Java, but it provides you all of the basic concepts of Android apps. You can even learn how to build an APK file with the help of Eclipse IDE. You can learn a lot of basic concepts by using this useful online platform. Not only the apps but the games development tutorials are also given for the people who are interested in developing Android games. Unlike many other websites, it provides you a detailed example of every step.


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