Trying to impress your crush? Or wooing back your girl? Don’t worry I have the perfect plan for you all. The foremost thing is to make her comfortable with you. She must be at ease while talking and sitting with you. We do not want any awkward pauses, now do we? Once you have established that she is comfortable, you need to make her blush!

Now don’t confuse her cheeks getting red from your stupidity or anger with blushing. One must be very careful! You want her cheeks to get red (for all the romantic reasons) while trying to hide her smile.  This requires a lot of practice as girls can be very hard to crack but don’t you worry.

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Ways to Make a Girl Blush


Look Into Her Eyes Image

Girls usually see eye contact as a sexy and a confident thing. So just keep extensive eye contacts while talking to your girl. When she catches your eye, don’t look away instead smile at her and maintain the eye contact. If your girl is super shy than this will make her blush way easily! If she smiles back, that’s a positive reaction. But don’t keep staring at her whole night, that’s just plain, CREEPY!


Compliment Her Image

That’s right! You should start giving the girl more credit and compliments. It is, without a doubt, the easiest way to make her blush. One thing to keep in mind is that the compliment should be real and genuine, not just try to impress her.  Do not just compliment her beauty; tell her about good qualities and abilities. Everyone wants to be called ‘smart.’ But do not over do it! Don’t be transparent. We don’t want her to be uncomfortable around you or to think you are nothing but a liar who will do anything to get into her pants.


Flirt Away Image

When eye contact and complimenting her doesn’t work, start flirting with her. One important rule is, don’t overdo it as it gives the girl a very negative impression and we don’t want that. Not everyone can flirt so just learn some good pick-up lines and use them where appropriate. Your timing is crucial; we don’t want your innocent pick up line to make you look cheap or desperate. For a pro flirter, things couldn’t be better.


Have Good Terms With Her Best Friend Image

Nowadays every conversation you have, a very discussion you have will always be debated with their best friends. Even screenshots are shared for the love of God! So you want to impress her?  Then impress her besties and friends. I know this may be hard, but again who said love was easy? Huh. If her best friend starts seeing you as a good and genuine person, then believe me your work here is done. She will for sure tell her friend aka your crush and she may even start developing some romantic feelings for you!! Act as a perfect gentleman in front of her friends and family. If they approve of you, your chances increase automatically.


Know your audience; if your crush gets easily offended then teasing her is a very bad idea. However, if she enjoys humor then teasing her may get her to blush a little. Obviously, tease her about her abilities or choices not about her body or personality. Doing that is not only mean but a very wrong move. The main point here is to slightly embarrass her about something that is not very important in reality. This may be hard in the beginning, but with time you will master it.


You Is Smart

That’s right; make her feel important! Show not tell! Yes, show her through your actions that she means something to you. Don’t be hesitant in showing her our feelings and how she’s really cherished by you.  Know what she likes and dislikes, plan your outings according to that. Make the day about her not about you! She will defiantly notice your extra effort.


When you are at a party or any social event and have friends surrounding you two, crack a joke that only she gets. It can be any inside joke or a memory in the past you guys shared. The main thing is other people should not be aware of the joke or the memory; it should be something special. This way you will make her feel important.


Yes, you heard me, make a move already! Be bold and move out of the friendship zone as soon as possible otherwise, you will always be friend zoned. Believe me, that suck. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is worse than being ‘friends’ with someone you love. One sided love can be very tricky and tough. And if you ask her out there’s nothing to lose; chances are she says yes or she doesn’t feel the same way. Whatever the outcome may be you can always say you gave it a try. My life motto is No Regrets!

In your efforts to make her blush keep in mind that there are some boundaries, you shouldn’t cross as it will only make matters worse.  Rule number one; never objectify her! Women around the globe hate this action. Even when you are complimenting her, be careful and don’t talk about her as a sex object or anything offending.

One thing all boys should know is that liking someone is way different to stalking her!  A stalker has, ‘creep alert’ written all over him. Avoid staring and asking her inappropriate questions. Also, avoid any incongruous touching as it’s not only a violation it’s also a huge turn-off.  First, establish among yourselves that touching is okay then go for it. Contrary to popular believe, girls do not appreciate expensive gifts. They prefer thoughtful gifts regardless of its price tag. Think of a romantic gift, not a branded one.

These are the rules one should follow if they want to make their girl blush. Good luck!


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