By glowing water, you can add a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere to the room. This extremely easy “do it yourself” is a delightful sight and atmosphere for anyone that walks into the room. And the best part, you probably already have all the ingredients in the house, so it’s practically free!

There are many methods used to make glowing water. A few of them are as follows:

Using glow sticks:

Using Glow Sticks Photo
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For this method you will need:

scissors, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, clear water, glow sticks, and waterproof gloves

And, Hey! No black lights this time! I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to do ANYTHING without the blasted black lights. They also happened to be the only comparatively expensive item in all the methods too so I, for one, am pretty glad we don’t have to use them on this one.

Glow sticks are available at all party stores and all department stores. They are quite cheap. Try to get the biggest ones you can find so that your water can be as glowy as possible.


Take a jar or a bottle that is transparent and pour clear water into it.

You should bend your glow stick until you hear a snapping sound and see a glow. Do the same with all your other glow sticks.

To get better results, do this step with no light in the room.

Now it’s time to put your gloves on to avoid your hands from getting dirty.

Use your scissors to cut the tip of each of your glow sticks and pour the glowing liquid found inside into your jar or bottle filled with water.

Mix the water and the glowing liquid together thoroughly.

Your water is now glowing but why stops there! To make your glowing water extra luminous and glowing, you just need a few more ingredients.

Take out a few capfuls of hydrogen peroxide to pour into your mixture.

Then add in about a bit of every-day dish soap. The dish soap contains chemicals that will reduce the surface tension of the water and make it easier for the hydrogen peroxide and the material from the glow sticks to mix completely.

Now, stir the mixture or cover it with a lid and shake vigorously.

You will see a heavenly glow that can be seen clearly without any kind of black light! Although a black light can enhance the effect if you do end up using it.

This mixture is not safe to drink at any cost.

With tonic water:

with tonic water
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For this method you’ll need:

-Tonic water (with quinine)


You can buy tonic water from any store or supermarket near to you. It is quite cheap.


Start by pouring tonic water in a container which is see-through. The less you pour, the brighter it will glow.

Now just dim the lights and shine the black light on the container.

This tonic water is safe for drinking as it has no radioactive effects and is not harmful in any way. It is, however, high in calories and sugar so you might want to enjoy it in small doses.

Fluorescent paint it is!

Fluorescent Paint Glow Method Image
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For this method you will need:

-Fluorescent paint



Fluorescent paint can be easily found at your nearest craft store.


Take your container, half filled with water, and pour the fluorescent paint of your desired color into it. Pour as much paint as you can to get a nice and prominent glow. You can use a shaped container to make it edgier.

You may warm the water to make it easier for the paint to mix thoroughly.

Pass the light over it in a dark room and be mesmerized by the different color!

Take extra precaution while handling this glow water since it contains paint that will definitely stain your clothes if it spills on them. I know I’m going nowhere near it with my favorite white coat!

One should never forget that the paint used must be water-soluble, so you face no problem while mixing it.

Contrary to popular belief, lemon yellow and lime green are the most used colors while making glowing water.

Highlighters & Some More Highlighters:

Glow Water With Highlighters Img
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For this method you will need:





All you have to do is take a transparent container and pour water in it.

Uncap your highlighter and take out the felt of its tip (you can use a pair of pliers or even your hands!)

Put the felt tip in the container. The ink will spread throughout the water, changing its color.

Mix the water to even out the color.

Then shine the black light on the container (placed in a dark room, of course).

You can also paste a flashlight on the bottom of the container to get a colored light. However, the “neon” effect we were going for would be lost and honestly, what is glowing water without the actual “glow”? Without the glow, it’s practically just colored water!

The best part about this technique is that you can use any color you want! You can get your whole room to be the shade of your favorite color. Something you need to be careful about though is that not all highlighters have glow-in-the-dark qualities, so you’ll need to test your desired highlighter first by drawing with them on a white paper and running a black light over it. If it glows, that means it is all right for use. Unlike tonic water, though, this water is not at all safe to drink, and if you have kids, I would advise you to keep it somewhere completely out of their reach.

So as you can see, we used just a few ingredients to make a very cool-looking item to keep in our rooms, our bathrooms, our lounges and even our drawing rooms! You can put this in your kids’ room, and they won’t have to turn on an extra light. With just these everyday ingredients and only a little time, you can get a room looking just like the ones in movies.


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