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Payoneer is one of the most used online Payment Solution's Ever and there is no doubt that Payoneer is the best Alternative to Paypal.

Recently I wrote Payoneer review and after writing it, I thought that I should start a series of comparisons among Payoneer and alternatives to Payoneer. The top rival of Payoneer is PayPal because the first Online payment service I found after leaving PayPal was Payoneer. So let’s start comparing both of these incredible services.

PayPal VS Payoneer – Fair Comparision

Undoubtedly PayPal is popular than Payoneer, but every service has its own strength that makes it unique among all its competitors.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

As PayPal is popular and offers a variety of services, mostly websites and Online stores use PayPal for online payments. You’ll also find buttons to pay via PayPal on many websites. But Payoneer has something different, they provide Payoneer MasterCard and with that card, you can buy everything available on Online sites. It’s possible that one shopping cart misses option to pay using PayPal, but it can’t lose the possibility of plastic card; in that case, your Payoneer card will be best.

Selling Online

With PayPal Online business owners can put a button on their websites and by using that button anybody can pay them using PayPal account. Unfortunately, Payoneer doesn’t have this option, but I don’t think that it’s important for an average user, because most of us use these Online services to buy goods not to sell. That’s something exceptional.

Transaction Charges

Payoneer Charges Sheet:

Payoneer Charges

PayPal Charges Sheet:

PayPal Charges List

Click on the above image to see in full.

Funds Transfer

PayPal charges higher than Payoneer; Payoneer doesn’t cost a single penny on Payoneer to Payoneer transfers while PayPal charges a percentage almost on every transaction a user makes. Moreover, the currency conversion fees of PayPal will make you cry. But Payoneer is lenient in that case, even you will get good conversion rate if you withdraw money from ATM. But transfer speed and reliability of both services are remarkable.

Refund Feature

Refund Feature

Well, I have to say that Payoneer is not good because you have to use your Payoneer account with full care because they don’t provide any refund/dispute service. While PayPal users can file a dispute against other PayPal users in case of any fraud or mistake i.e. you paid for services and the service provider doesn’t fulfil his commitment to provide the agreed service, PayPal will open a dispute with him and will refund your money after deducting a small fee. But if you contact Payoneer in such case they are ready to help you too, they don’t claim it as a stand alone service, but they are happy to help their customers.

Free Bonus

When you load $100 after signing up using this link, you get a bonus of $25, that means you’ll charge $125 for new account registration. Sadly PayPal doesn’t offer any rewards on registration.


ATM and Plastic Card

PayPal doesn’t offer plastic card, but you can attach your bank account and card with it while Payoneer provides you with MasterCard as I mentioned above and not only you can pay with it on internet websites, but you can use it at any ATM in the World. Even if you don’t have any local bank account, you can have this card and can use it everywhere.

Payoneer Mastercard


Now this one has utmost importance. PayPal has a habit of limiting PayPal users’ accounts without any prior warning. If PayPal limits your account, you wouldn’t be able to use its features, and all your money will stick in PayPal account. PayPal does that in case of transactions with high amounts or if they suspect fraud, after that it asks for verification by submitting official documents. Payoneer can also do that but in case if there are any chances of fraudulent activity, otherwise it’s rare with Payoneer.


I deactivated my PayPal and now using Payoneer and also got my $25 free bonus. My PayPal got limited and after withdrawing all my money I quitted using PayPal, but now I’m more happy with Payoneer because I can receive money from freelancing websites, and also I get my payments through ATM.


Payoneer is one of the most used online Payment Solution's Ever and there is no doubt that Payoneer is the best Alternative to Paypal.



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