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Every person on this earth is in need of a partner, whether they accept it or not.  Like seriously, how do you expect us to live in this cruel world all alone? Everyone has different criteria when it comes to relationship goals. For me, the real relationship goals are found in movies, books and TV shows. Except Twilight (on the risk of putting my life in danger from 13-year-olds around the globe). Never Twilight.

Chuck and Blair

Chuck and Blair Image

If I think about relationship goals, the first couple that comes to my mind is Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. Their start may have been bumpy, but their ending was PERFECT. Their continuous love and hate relationship attracted audiences around the globe.
They proved that all relationships come with a little bit of dysfunction. Personally, I don’t like those couples who are always ‘perfect’ and never fight. I prefer imperfect duos because they are closer to reality.

Chair even made arguing look good, and they made us realize that sometimes love comes from the most unpredicted places. Whether it was them scheming together or their iconic catch phrases, Chuck and Blair had us hooked from the beginning.

The best part about them was that they used to work as a team. Even though they used to put on a good front, but, deep down, these two were true romantics; putting their faith in destiny. Chuck would bring out Blair’s wild side, making their couple more appealing. One can’t ignore Chuck’s transformation, especially in season 5. Their relationship resulted in a dramatic change in both of their characters. Their spontaneity made us fall in love with them all over again.

Monica and Chandler

Monica and Chandler Image

My second favorite couple is Monica and Chandler from the all-time popular show – FRIENDS. They showed us that some of the finest relationships blossom from friendship and in hard times nothing is better than having your best friend by your side.

We can’t ignore how Monica’s controlling nature and Chandler’s sarcasm is a perfect fit.  Their history can’t be overlooked either; Monica had a crush on Candler which went down the hills when he called her fat. They have come a long way for sure. Even as friends they used to share secrets and sexual tension; SEVEN, SEVEN!

Chandler always seemed slightly jealous of Monica’s various suitors. They even helped each other through relationship woes. Everything changed after Ross marriage in England, and we are glad it did. Why are so amazing you ask? Well for starters, their love had a pretty great origin story.

They accomplished to make that illusive but ultimate transition of friends-to-lovers. They showed you when someone loves you; they support your dreams. They also proved the best relationships are based on mutual respect. Monica and Chandler accepted and forgave each other’s flaws. More importantly, they withstood their struggles of conception, fighting to become parents no matter what.

Nathan and Haley

Nathan and Haley Image

Nathan and Haley started out as the classic, annoying cliché of “bad boy tricks girl to get under enemy’s skin” but ended up being our favorite couple up to date and I believe anyone who has seen One Tree Hill would agree that NALEY has got “couple goals” down to a T.

Nathan ironically started out as the villain of One Tree Hilland, despite them being actual brothers, the bane of Lucas’s existence But ended up being the BEST character in the show and also the reason girls all around the world were bawling their eyes out for having to let him go.

Myself included. (Not even going to deny it) Nathan and Haley weren’t only couple goals but also career goals. They both had very demanding and time-consuming careers but, being the amazing team that they were, somehow made it work even with a kid! They worked through all their problems and believe me there were a LOT and came out the other end stronger than before and that put them in such a high place in our hearts.

Damon and Elena

Damon and Elena Image

One can’t forget Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries when talking about goals. The impact Elena had on Damon was just mind blowing. Katherine has nothing on Elena, nothing. We all know how one side love feels like. Damon had to feel like that for almost three seasons. Just imagine THREE seasons. DAMN. If this isn’t love what is.

When they finally got together, Elena changed Damon in so many ways no one could ever imagine.  ‘THE DEVIL,’ Damon basically ended up being Elena’s Guardian Angel.  And boy was he a SEXY one. Damon also had an effect on Elena. He made her feel free and safe at the same time. Elena was always thirsty for a love that consumes her and in the end, she did find it.

They make us yearn for the kind of love they have and works so hard to make our fairy tales come true too.

So, What are you relationship goals? Submit them below in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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