Sometimes it happens that you are watching your favorite movie or may be a TV show on YouTube, but you miss it because you have to go somewhere urgently. To leave the show in mid makes you displeased and occasionally, you become annoyed for doing this, but there is no option for you. Seldom you are using data package that is quite slow, and you watch YouTube videos on the WiFi at your workplace. You can download your favorite YouTube videos on your Android phone or tablet to watch in free time at home as on the workplace; it becomes against of rules to do so.

TubemateTubeMate shows its magic when you need to save YouTube videos on Android because, in Windows, you can use YouTube Downloader but on Android there is no officially legal app that could do so for you. Although, TubeMate is also not a legally official app. But you can use it for you have no other choice.

First, you need to download the “APK” file of TubeMate from an online resource.

Steps to Follow

Go to “Settings” on your Android device and select “Security”.
Phone settingsIn this section, you will find the option “Unknown sources.” It is by default disabled. You have to enable it so that you could download “APK” of TubeMate.
Enable Unknown sourcesClick Here to download TubeMate “APK” file.

It will start downloading. The image given below shows how it gives you the status of the downloading percentage.
downloading TubeMateWhen the downloading finishes, a screen appears where you have to tap “Next” to start the installation of TubMate APK.
install TubeMateWhen the installation completes, there will appear a notification window where you have to select “Open” to go to its Home Page.
App installedBefore the Home Page, you have to agree to the terms of use because TubeMate cannot be used commercially. So show your consent to move ahead.
Terms of useNow you will see its Home Page where you can see a “Search” bar on the very top of the page. It is used to search any video on YouTube.
search YouTubeJust put a few words of the video or the artist to show all of the relevant videos.

Now select your desired video from the list appears on your screen.
Select videosYou will notice a down-arrow sign appearing on the top of the screen that is the “Download” option. Just tap this option to view its content.
Download optionWhen you touch it, you will see its menu. Select your desired setting and select the “download” icon at the bottom of the window. It will start downloading your favorite YouTube video.
Download Video nowThe screenshot given below shows how the downloading process appears. You need to have patience for a couple of minutes because the downloading speed depends on upon the speed of your internet connection.
Downloading processWhen the downloading process finishes, it will show you notice as appears on the screen given below.
Video downloadedFinally, your favorite video is successfully downloaded. You need to check whether you can play it or not. Go to the Gallery of your phone and open “Downloads.” You see! Your favorite song lies here in downloads. Tap it to play.
Video playedThis is how you can download all of your desired videos from YouTube one followed by the other. But use it only for personal downloading.


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