When you are downloading your favorite music, movies, themes or software from any website, there is no country restriction. What if any site gives you message that you cannot download anything from here because this app is not available in your country? What will you do then?

Definitely, at that time, it becomes necessary for you to use a VPN. It also helps you when you want to use a public Wi-Fi, or you want to browse by using your company’s internet connection. You can do a lot by using a VPN. Hence, the most important thing is how to setup VPN on Android. You should not bother about it because I am going to discuss here a very easy and handy guide that can be used by even a layman. Just follow a few instructions and you will tackle with the manual setting of VPN on your Android phone or tablet. Let’s have a bird’s eye view to find out what you are going to follow.

Steps To Be Followed

Just tap the “Settings” icon that is on the Home Screen of your Android device. It will open a window containing all of its categories before you.
Settings menuHere, you will find the first category named as “Wireless & Networks.” You need to look at the end of this group where its subcategory “More” lies. Tap on it to proceed further. Now you should look for “VPN” option in this menu. Tap on it as you get it.
VPN Option in moreSo, you are in VPN category where you can setup a new VPN manually.

You should bear one thing in your mind that you will be asked in this step to set a lock screen PIN or Password before proceeding further. It is necessary for the security of your device. If you have already set a lock screen PIN, you can proceed ahead.
Set Lock Screen pinNow you are in VPN settings. You will see here a “+” sign on the top right corner of the window. It is used to add a VPN setup. You need to tap this icon to show its content. The below-given image indicates that no VPN has been configured earlier.
VPN menuThe “+” sign will show you “Edit VPN Profile” option. You need to add its name.
VPN settingsThe next step is to add the type of protocol from the list appears in front of you. Once you have done with all this, Tap “Save” at the bottom of these options.
VPN typeNow you will see that the said VPN has been added to your VPN’s list. It shows that you have successfully added it. You need to connect it now.
VPN doneJust tap the VPN you setup just now. As it shows you “Username” and “Password”. Fill both of these places with such information that could be remembered easily. Well! If you have poor short-term memory, you can mark the option “Save Account Information” given next. Your password and username will be saved, and you do not require to add both of them every time you intend to use it. Now tap the option “Connect” that is the last nail driven.
VPN Username and passwordThat’s all. You see! You have done this job without any hassle. Enjoy it.


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