The people who are using shared Android devices need to be very careful about the security of their email account so that nobody else could view or change your account settings. So it is a wise act to sign out properly once you have finished viewing important emails in your Gmail account on a shared Android device. It may be an uphill task for you if you are a newbie at Android. What you need to do is just follow the steps given in the guide below.

Google App
Gmail app
Commonly, the users of Android devices set their Gmail accounts in Gmail App that comes with the Android phone or tablet. So, the users who have set their account in Google App should be well versed that there is no way out to log out from Gmail account in Google App. They have set their account in the app, and the only way to prevent others from viewing your account content is to remove the account from this app. Following steps can be taken to remove the Gmail account from Gmail App.

Tap “Settings” in your Android phone or tablet.

When you scroll down the list in Settings menu, there will be a category “Accounts”. Tap it to view its content.
Accounts in settingsYou will view all of the accounts currently active on the device. Look for Google Account that lies in the list. Tap to select it.
Google Account in settingsNow you will see the Gmail Account settings. You should tap the option “Account Preference” that usually lies at the end of the list.
Account preferenceIt will show you various options where you can also see “Remove your Account or Services” option. Tap this option to remove your Gmail Account from this device.
Remove Account optionIt will take a few seconds, and that’s it.

Gmail Account in Web Browser
Gmail in browser
If you have opened your Gmail account while using a web browser on your Android device, it is possible for you to log out from it without being bothered about it. The following steps need to be taken.

When you have opened your Gmail Account in Web Browser, you will see three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the window. It is basically “Settings” icon. You should tap this icon to view its menu.
Account Settings iconYou will be in the settings menu of your Gmail account. Now tap your email ID that can be seen on the top of the window.
Email ID categoryIt will show your required option “Sign Out”. Select this option to proceed. The image below shows where it appears on your screen.
Signout optionOnce you have logged out from Gmail Account, within a few seconds you will see a window as shown in the image below. It confirms that you have successfully signed out from your account. That’s all.
Signed outThis is how you can easily sign out from your Gmail ID on Android. I just tried these two methods as I have discussed above. If there is any other way to perform this task, do share with the readers by throwing your precious comments. It will be surely a valued addition from your part.


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