Staying awake in class can be a very hard and tiresome job. Us poor students have to go through so much; assignments, presentations, exams, cat fights, relationships but the hardest one is to stay awake and alert in a three-hour long lecture.

Surviving such a long time, listening to your teacher speaking continuously about something entirely new can be very rigid.

At times, it does not even matter what the subject is or who the teacher is, the length and repetition of the lecture makes it tough for us to concentrate. We, students, need relevance with the material we are currently studying. The amount of irrelevant stuff we are taught throughout the day also results us in sleeping in the class.

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Different Ways To Stay Awake In Class

Eat Healthy:

Number one thing to do is start eating healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should never ever go to class or school without eating a rich breakfast. A rich breakfast means lots of proteins and carbohydrates; eggs, milk, yogurt, oats, meat, bread, juices, fruits and etc.

Keeping several snacks to chew on during the day in your purse or your locker can keep you from crashing and will give you small boosts of energy at the accurate time. You can carry different nuts, fruits, vegetables or granola bars with you. During your lunch break, eat a healthy and balanced meal. Always avoid greasy, sugary, or high-fat foods.

Eat Healthy

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Coffee Is The Magic Potion:

If you like caffeine drinks then always drink a cup of coffee when you start your day. Coffee makes you alert and attentive. Drinking coffee between classes can be helpful too. Starbucks should be your daily stop.

Don’t like caffeine? Do not worry. Drinking water also works. The main thing is to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Drink water and various types of fresh juices. A little fluid down the throat is great at keeping your body alert.

Black tea is best, and a small mug of coffee will aid you as well. Dodge soda or energy drinks unless you’re really desperate for a quick pick-me-up since they will make you crash after a brief spike in your energy level.

coffee cup

Adopt A Disciplined Routine:

Having a positive routine contributes to staying alerted the whole day. If you wake up in the morning without any difficulty, it will put you on the right footing to begin your day. Getting enough sleep is also necessary. Most youngsters need between 8-10 hours of sleep.

Showering before school is also a very vital part especially from the cold water. It freshens you both physically and mentally.

Stimulating your mind is a good trick; either read the morning paper or surf the internet for various articles. This will help get your mind moving.

Image Adopt a Disciplined Routine

Interact And Participate:

As for when in the classroom, the most effective way is to interact with your teacher or professor. I know this may sound weird, but this does help a lot. Keeping up an understanding with your teacher before and during class will surely help you stay alerted. This act will result in you not drifting off too easily. Sitting in front rows is a plus one. You’ll be more driven to stay wide-awake and contribute to class debate if you’re closer to your teacher.

Make a custom of raising your hand to answer questions throughout the class discussion. Tell yourself you have to answer at least three or four questions per lesson. This will force you to pay attention to the class discussion so you can chime in.

Interact and Participate Image

Have Chit-Chats:

Having talked with your class fellows and friends during class can keep you awake as well. These talks will refresh your brain and make you look forward to classes.

Socializing with people is very vital part of today’s life. Socializing is good for your brain strength. Always take benefit of group work. If you’re working in groups or partners, be a lively contributor to stay attentive. Sitting near the students or class fellows who participate is a good idea. If you sit near somebody who contributes a lot, his/her voice will jolt you awake frequently. This will also keep you from napping because you’ll know that your professor will be looking in your way every so often.

Talks to friends


Keeping your mind alert is merely half the battle. To actually stay up, you have to make sure your body is conscious too. Though you won’t be able to run around in circles in the middle of your Mathematics class, there is some minor stuff you can do to keep your body vigilant. Like, roll your shoulders or head. Stretch your wrists too. Chewing gum is also an option if your teacher does not mind.

Do not forget to exercise regularly. One can start their day with workout; yoga, aerobics, cardio and much more. When we exercise our body releases substances which are called endorphins. This hormone decreases the perception of pain and also prompts a positive feeling. Exercise is also one of the most real ways to recover your mental health. It also relieves strain, improves memory, helps you sleep well, and boosts overall mood. Basically, daily workouts will result in you staying awake in class. One should stretch themselves during class and do exercise regularly before school.

 Do Exercise Image

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Have A Breath In Fresh Air:

If you are feeling drowsy, sitting in a chair for an hour and a half will only make you fall asleep. Nicely ask your tutor if you can use the lavatory and excuse yourself from the period. This will not only give you a much-needed break but will also let you walk around.

Focusing on your posture can of some benefit too. Moving your pen can be a great technique to stay alerted. Not just tapping, but really moving. Working on your pencil winding technique (as long as you don’t make noise) involves sufficient concentration to do the trick.

Fresh Air
Try all of these methods in your school, college and university life, and I am sure you will not go to sleep during class.


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