Whether your gas broke down or your engine stopped working, everyone needs to know how to tow a car. Getting your car towed doesn’t always imply that you broke a rule or something.

There are so many situations and incidents that can lead to you towing your car. For instance, your car broke down in an abandoned place, and you have to take it to a mechanic to repair it. We should all be prepared for everything that can happen. After reading this article, you will know exactly what to do.


Towing a car is not as simple as it seems.  Firstly you need to buy a towrope. Don’t worry it is not that expensive. You can easily buy it from any store that sells car parts or a hardware show also.

When towing, don’t ever, I repeat ever forget to make a sign. Make a sign which says, ‘getting towed’ or anything on those lines and paste it on the back of your car screen. This lets you go as slow as you want without the people asking why.

An important thing to remember when towing your car is that do not turn off the ignition. Always keep it on! By keeping it on, the steering lock is released; direction indicators and the brake lights also work.


Now attach the tow rope on the towing eyes. Do not make the mistake of hooking the rope to any other part of your car as it can not only just damage your car but also pull off some parts of your car.

Before the other vehicle drives along with your car attached, release the handbrake and put your transmission in neutral. Another minor detail to be followed is that both drivers know where to take the car to avoid any accident or traffic jams.

Frequently checking the tow rope is always a good decision. Some things depend on different car models like some require pedal pressure or power steering too.


Driving fast is never an option when it comes to towing a car.

Always drive at a moderate speed. Keep in mind that you have to keep a distance from the pulling car especially when slowing down or while taking a turn.

Never tow your car back! This will be the stupidest thing to do.


The driver has to be very attentive while towing a car. He/ she should see the brake lights and indicators. The driver must always coordinate with the towing car while steering or applying the brake. To minimize any jolting, keep tension on the towing rope. Always keep the car’s key in the accessory position.

By doing so, you are keeping the steering system from getting dented. I hope this was helpful and informative.

Now whenever something terrible happens to your car, this article has got you covered. If all of these tips do not work, you could always call the professional companies who tow cars. The disadvantage being they charge a lot.


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