Finally changed your smartphone? It sounds cool to move from Android device to an iPhone, and Apple makes it convenient for you to transfer your data even music files from Android to iPhone. The main problem is that you cannot use Bluetooth in this context as a bluetooth device of iPhone works only to transfer data between iOS devices. So, you have to find out any other way out for this purpose. Well, You can use a couple of handy methods. Both of them are practically tested and no method discussed below is worn out. Try any of them to move all of your MP3 and MP4 music files from your old Android phone to your iPhone.

Move to iOS

It is a third-party app that is pocket-friendly and can be used to transfer your music files from Android to iPhone.

Download it from Google Play.

Tap “Continue” when it is launched.
Move To iOSYou have to select “Agree” at the bottom of the Window to agree with the “Terms and Conditions” to proceed ahead.
Terms and conditionsNow you should match a code with your iPhone. You will add a 6 or 10 digit code on Android phone. It should be remembered because later you have to enter this code on iPhone before transferring music to it. If you do not provide the same digit, you won’t be able to continue this process.
Enter codeAs soon as you enter the code, it will show you that it is connecting to iPhone. Now you have to provide exact code from iPhone to connect it. Once it is connected, you would be able to select your desired music files and send them to iPhone. Once connected, you can make several transfers.
Connecting To iOS


Another amazing app in this regard is SHAREit that can be used for sharing or transferring music from Android to iOS devices.

When you download it from Google Play, the Home Page appears where you should tap the option “START”.
SHAREitSelect a nickname that will be issued on the app. While you have done so, tap the “Save” option at the bottom of the window.
Select nicknameIn the dashboard of this app, there will appear a few options. Two main options are “Send” and “Receive”. Select “Send” option.
Send optionNow tap the category “Music” given at the top. By doing so, you would be able to view all of the music collection on your Android device.
Music categoryNow start selecting the music files for moving to iPhone. You can do it by tapping every song.
You will notice that when you choose one song, a check sign appears on it. That shows it is selected and ready for transfer. At the bottom of the window, you will see a total number of music files. It’s time to tap “Send” to move all of the selected music files.
Select Music filesOn the next page, you will see the option “Connect to iOS/WP”. Tap this option to continue.
As you proceed, you need to reconfirm that you are going to transfer songs to an iOS device. Tap “Continue” to move ahead.
Connect To iOSIt will show you some instructions that should be performed by using iPhone. It shows the code that is basically a network. You should go to your iPhone’s Settings and join the network that is shown on the screen. That’s all. Now you will receive all of the sent music files on iPhone.
Setting on iOS


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